ActiveBatch Migration Tools

Transform Your SQL Server Scheduling Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. provides a suite of automated migration solutions for common, platform-specific scheduling tools such as Windows Task Scheduler and Unix cron. These migration solutions can be part of your ActiveBatch implementation to eliminate the time and expense of manually converting SQL Server or Task Scheduler jobs into ActiveBatch. Below is a list of our automated migration tools:
The ActiveBatch Migration Tool for cron exports existing crontab files where they are converted into an XML format to be imported into ActiveBatch.

Task Scheduler
The ActiveBatch Migration Tool for Task Scheduler allows users to convert Task Scheduler jobs into ActiveBatch as ActiveBatch Objects. This Migration Tool works for both Task Scheduler 1.0 and 2.0 by exporting and converting Task Scheduler 2.0 XML files or Task Scheduler 1.0 .job files into an XML format for uploading into ActiveBatch.

Alternatively, customers can use ActiveBatch to access existing Microsoft Task Scheduler jobs via ActiveBatch’s Integrated Jobs Library without the need to migrate them directly into ActiveBatch.

SQL Server Agent
The ActiveBatch Migration Tool for SQL Server enables users to seamlessly convert SQL Server Agent jobs into ActiveBatch Objects without the need for manual intervention. The Migration Tool converts SQL Server jobs into T-SQL scripts, parses them and then converts them into an XML file for uploading into ActiveBatch.

Advanced Systems Concepts Professional Services Group also provides a set of migration solutions and services for migrating from legacy job schedulers from vendors such as: