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ActiveBatch Academy

The Path to Success Begins Here

ActiveBatch Academy is an exclusive training portal designed to help ActiveBatch users of all roles and skill-levels and their teams achieve excellence and results.


ActiveBatch Academy Training Subscription

Gain Unlimited Access to the Entire ActiveBatch Academy Training Catalog at a Fraction of the Cost

Training OnDemand is Ready When You Are

With ActiveBatch Training OnDemand, you can start training in just a few clicks. Here are the benefits of Training OnDemand:

It's Ready
It's Ready When You Are
ActiveBatch Training OnDemand is ready to start training when you are. Begin Training in any time zone at any time.
It's Flexible
It's Flexible
Play. Pause. Rewind. Skip. It's all in your control. Complete courses at your own pace, and control the flow of information.
It's Supportive
It's Supportive
Interactive Knowledge Checks complement your learning and assess your progress. Still need help? Send messages to ActiveBatch Instructors right from your course.
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97% of recent ActiveBatch Training attendees report that they would
recommend their course to other ActiveBatch users...

“Not only do the employees gain from the training, but you gain from their experiences as a Manager, and the company gains overall.” ​
– John LaFollette, AVP - Infrastructure & Operations, Illinois Mutual

"I went into the training thinking I knew what ActiveBatch could do for us, and I came out realizing it could do so much more.”
– Jason Van Pee, Database Administrator, Sub-Zero Group, Inc.