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ActiveBatch® Certified Administrator Exam


The ActiveBatch® Certified Administrator Exam is a competency exam intended to validate a user’s skills and knowledge in the role of an ActiveBatch Administrator. It serves as the final step to complete the ActiveBatch Pathways Series for its role. The exam questions are based directly on the training material discussed in the listed ActiveBatch Academy Pathways prerequisites courses.

Included in your purchase is an Exam Prep & Study Guide reviewing key exam topics and a set of Practice Questions, their answer key, and instructor rationale.

Up to two attempts are included on this 60 question online, software-proctored exam. A score of 80% is required to pass the exam, and there is a time limit of 75 minutes.

Please contact [email protected] with any additional questions.

Price: $145.00

(Or, Included with Training Subscription)
ActiveBatch® Certified Administrator Exam
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Exam Prerequisites

ActiveBatch V12 Pathways: Administrator I

ActiveBatch V12 Pathways: Developer I guides attendees through core ActiveBatch features, capabilities, and best practices based on their specific ActiveBatch role. Level I courses are the best way for new users of each role to get started with ActiveBatch or for experienced users who are looking to refresh their ActiveBatch knowledge. This course is a self-paced, online series of modules and interactive Knowledge Checks.

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ActiveBatch V12 Pathways: Administrator II

ActiveBatch Pathways: Administrator II builds upon the foundations of Administrator I to discuss more advanced role-based topics and specialized use cases while introducing an OnDemand Labs component. OnDemand Labs provide a hands-on ActiveBatch experience within your own environment. ActiveBatch Pathways: Administrator I is a prerequisite for this course.

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Exam Topics

  • Overview
  • PDF: Test Prep and Study Guide
  • Practice Exam
  • ActiveBatch Certified Administrator Exam
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