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V12 Update Course


Built for a fast‐paced, evolving IT landscape, ActiveBatch Version 12 introduces new, powerful, and extensive automation functionalities for improved agility, reliability, and speed. ActiveBatch V12 unlocks the power of machine learning and data analytics to deliver organizations the capabilities they need to innovate beyond the competition. 

Price: $395.00

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V12 Update Course
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Course Topics

  • Windows Upgrade Instructions (38m)
  • Windows Upgrade Demo: Installation, ActiveBatch Management Console (21m)
  • ActiveBatch Console: Connecting to Job Schedulers, Panes and Layout (15m)
  • ActiveBatch Console: Menus, Navigation Pane, Managing Panes (18m)
  • ActiveBatch Object Changes (22m)
  • ActiveBatch Console: View and Pane Changes (28m)
  • Tools > Settings Menu Option (14m)
  • Dynamic Queue Characteristics (14m)
  • Heuristic Queue Allocation (HQA) (10m)
  • Microsoft PowerShell Script Active Variable (4m)
  • Template Reporting (8m)
  • Instance Reporting (8m)
  • ActiveBatch Mobile Ops: Mobile Device Management View (4m)
  • Linux/Unix Upgrade Procedure (7m)
  • OpenVMS Upgrade Procedure (3m)
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