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ActiveBatch V12 Pathways: Administrator I


ActiveBatch V12 Pathways: Administrator I guides attendees through core ActiveBatch features, capabilities, and best practices based on their specific ActiveBatch role. Level I courses are the best way for new users of each role to get started with ActiveBatch or for experienced users who are looking to refresh their ActiveBatch knowledge. This course is a self-paced, online series of modules and interactive Knowledge Checks. Looking for ActiveBatch Boot Camp? ActiveBatch V12 Pathways expands upon the Boot Camp to provide users of each ActiveBatch role with a tailored experience.

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ActiveBatch V12 Pathways: Administrator I
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What is the ActiveBatch Pathways Series?

ActiveBatch Pathways is a 3-part series consisting of a Level I course, a Level II course, and an ActiveBatch User Certification Exam. There are three distinct Pathways for each of the three key ActiveBatch roles: Administrator, Developer, and Operator. ActiveBatch Pathways begins with fundamentals and core functionality, and works toward special use cases and more advanced topics specific to each role. Level II courses introduce OnDemand Labs, to allow for hands-on experience within ActiveBatch. ActiveBatch User Certification Exams validate skills and provide a shareable certification upon successful completion. After completing the initial Pathway, users may enroll in additional Deep Dive courses of their choice to take their skills to the next level, maintain their certification, and explore specific topics outside of their primary role as they continue their Pathway to success.

Course Topics

  • Intro to ActiveBatch (14m)
  • Licensing (10m)
  • Windows Installation [1/2] (24m)
  • Windows Installation [2/2] (24m)
  • Windows Installation Demo (12m)
  • UNIX, Linux Installation (6m)
  • Linux Installation Demo (4m)
  • Connecting to Job Schedulers, Intro to ActiveBatch Console (15m)
  • ActiveBatch Objects for Administrators (13m)
  • User Account Object, Queue Object (21m)
  • Instance and Log File Retention (16m)
  • Default Policy (11m)
  • Object Security (34m)
  • Object Security Demo (14m)
  • Configuration View (14m)
  • Notifications View (5m)
  • Administrator Views (8m)
  • Virtual Root (9m)
  • Map View (23m)
  • Operations View (15m)
  • Daily Activity View (12m)
  • Instances Pane (8m)
  • Gantt View (10m)
  • Runbook View (6m)
  • High Availability (17m)
  • Disaster Recovery (11m)
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