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ActiveBatch V12 Pathways: Developer II


ActiveBatch Pathways: Developer II builds upon the foundations of Developer I to discuss more advanced role-based topics and specialized use cases while introducing an OnDemand Labs component. OnDemand Labs provide a hands-on ActiveBatch experience within your own environment. ActiveBatch Pathways: Developer I is a prerequisite for this course.  Looking for ActiveBatch Boot Camp? ActiveBatch V12 Pathways expands upon the Boot Camp to provide users of each ActiveBatch role with a tailored experience.

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ActiveBatch V12 Pathways: Developer II
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What is the ActiveBatch Pathways Series?

ActiveBatch Pathways is a 3-part series consisting of a Level I course, a Level II course, and an ActiveBatch User Certification Exam. There are three distinct Pathways for each of the three key ActiveBatch roles: Administrator, Developer, and Operator. ActiveBatch Pathways begins with fundamentals and core functionality, and works toward special use cases and more advanced topics specific to each role. Level II courses introduce OnDemand Labs, to allow for hands-on experience within ActiveBatch. ActiveBatch User Certification Exams validate skills and provide a shareable certification upon successful completion. After completing the initial Pathway, users may enroll in additional Deep Dive courses of their choice to take their skills to the next level, maintain their certification, and explore specific topics outside of their primary role as they continue their Pathway to success.

Course Topics

  • Email Event Trigger (16m)
  • FTP File Event Trigger (22m)
  • Plan Reference Object (18m)
  • Schedule Object: Business Day, Inclusion, and Exclusion Calendars (12m)
  • Schedule Object: Fiscal Calendar (8m)
  • Constraint-Based Scheduling (CBS) (15m)
  • Business Day: Business Today View, CBS Trigger Time (23m)
  • Generic Queues (25m)
  • Heuristic Queue Allocation (HQA) (10m)
  • Queues: OnDemand, Runtime (18m)
  • Service Library: API Adapters (43m)
  • Service Library: Web Service Adapter (WSDL) (11m)
  • Service Library: REST API Adapter (13m)
  • Variable Overrides (21m)
  • Variable Properties (47m)
  • Dynamic Picklist (3m)
  • Variable Explorer (17m)
  • Date Arithmetic (16m)
  • Changesets (19m)
  • Advanced Trigger (12m)
  • Machine Load View (15m)
  • Notifications View (5m)
  • Views: Browse, Definitions (16m)
  • Map View: Build and Automate, Workflow Optimizer (42m)
  • Service Level Agreements (22m)
  • Active Variables (26m)
  • Variable Constraints (13m)
  • Variables: Passing Data (20m)
  • Context Variables (28m)
  • Jobs Library: Functions (19m)
  • Managed File Transfer: Job Steps, MFT User Account (32m)
  • Jobs Library: Templates, Group Step (22m)
  • Java Workflow Host (WFH) (6m)
  • Job Scheduler Group (6m)
  • Resource Object (10m)
  • Object List Object (11m)
  • Tags (14m)
  • Job Object: Right-Click Menu Options (13m)
  • Change Management (26m)
  • Troubleshooting: Job Failure (22m)
  • Troubleshooting: Component Issues (11m)
  • Troubleshooting: Frequently Asked Questions (19m) 
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