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V11 Advanced Users Course


Already know your way around ActiveBatch? Take your skills to the next level! The Advanced Users Course builds upon the fundamentals taught in the Boot Camp and gives you the tools needed to enhance and optimize your workflows. This course expands upon ActiveBatch features, capabilities, and best practices to effectively leverage your IT Automation solution.

Price: $1895.00

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V11 Advanced Users Course
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Course Topics

  • Security
  • Object Organization
  • Maintaining Multiple Environments
  • Change Management
  • Approval Process
  • Comparing, synchronizing, transforming, excluding, and scheduling Object sync
  • Variables
  • Overview
  • Active Variables
  • Properties
  • Usage
  • Dynamic Picklist
  • Queue Types: OnDemand, Runtime, Generic, Smart, and Job Broadcast
  • Date Arithmetic
  • Business Day Feature
  • Jobs Library Steps and Functions
  • Service Library API Adapter
  • Object List Object
  • Job Scheduler Group
  • Reporting Services
  • PowerShell Module
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