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IBM Cognos BI Extension

Automate key data warehousing and BI processes with ActiveBatch’s Cognos BI Extension.



Extend the Capabilities of Today's Common BI Solutions
As data volumes grow and data warehousing processes become increasingly complex, the need for more timely and actionable insight requires improved automation capabilities. To overcome the limited scheduling capabilities found in today’s BI solutions, ActiveBatch IT Automation supports the scheduling and automation of IBM Cognos.

The ActiveBatch Extension for IBM Cognos BI
With the ActiveBatch Extension for IBM Cognos BI, users can improve their reporting by using ActiveBatch to integrate and automate the processes associated with their data warehousing and BI environments for improved data quality and faster time to insight.

The ActiveBatch Extension for IBM Cognos BI provides production-ready Job Steps for common Cognos jobs and utilities, including

  • Automating existing Cognos Jobs
  • Creating and updating IBM Cognos analytic cubes
  • Executing reports
  • Bursting reports
  • And more!

Enhance Your Scheduling:
With Cognos Job Steps, users can leverage ActiveBatch's more advanced scheduling capabilities, including job constraints, a rich event automation framework, SLAs, alerting and monitoring for the execution of Cognos Jobs.

End-to-End Workflows for Cognos and non-Cognos Jobs
The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library allows users to build end-to-end workflows that integrate Cognos processes with process types from other BI and data warehousing solutions, including IBM InfoSphere DataStage, Informatica PowerCenter, Netezza, Teradata and SAP BusinessObjects. For example, if you leverage an ETL tool such as DataStage or databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, or Teradata in conjunction with Cognos, you can integrate those processes to upload data into Cognos, build a Cube, run the reports, and distribute them via email to end users- all from within the Integrated Jobs Library.

Download the ActiveBatch Extension for IBM Cognos BI Datasheet.


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