Teradata Extension

Centrally manage and merge Teradata processes with ActiveBatch's advanced automation capabilities.


Improve Data Warehousing with Advanced Automation Capabilities
With today's growing IT environments, new tools are needed to help in handling, storing, and managing data within your data warehouse. When limited basic scheduling capabilities that do not extend beyond the Teradata environment, users often turn to custom scripting to develop end-to-end workflows across various IT systems. However, custom scripting is expensive, time consuming, and often error-prone. An advanced scheduling solution with integration and automation capabilities is needed to allow Teradata users to more easily develop end-to-end workflows for improved reliability, data quality, and reporting across the enterprise.


Teradata Workflow

Pre-Built Job Steps for Essential Teradata Functions
With the ActiveBatch Extension for Teradata, users can centrally manage and merge processes performed by Teradata, including database queries, starting and stopping PT jobs, and loading data with other non-Teradata processes for improved performance.

In addition to Teradata, the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library also supports other BI and data warehousing solutions, including IBM InfoSphere DataStage, IBM Cognos BI, Informatica PowerCenter, Netezza and SAP BusinessObjects. This means ActiveBatch users can build workflows that automate entire processes, including the uploading of data, and running and the distribution of reports to end users through ActiveBatch's centralized console. ActiveBatch Enterprise Job Scheduling and Workload Automation provides scheduling capabilities that include cross system constraints, event triggers, monitoring, alerts, audits and more for the automated execution of jobs and tasks.

Download the ActiveBatch Extension for Teradata Datasheet.


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