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ActiveBatch IT Automation Alerting and Monitoring Capabilities

ActiveBatch supports over 30 different alerts and alert objects that are used to notify users and operations that a specified condition has been raised within a workflow. Jobs and Plans support the association of multiple alerts so notifications can be directed to the appropriate resource(s) for resolution. Each alert is deliverable using 17 different delivery methods that include email, writing to the event log, JMS and Microsoft Message Queues, SMS text messages, Twitter, SNMP, Office Communicator, and more. As an example, alerts can be sent via e-mail to individual users or distribution lists and messages can contain attachments. Customizable alerts allow an organization to create complex workflows and communicate with the operator or user based on a particular event. ActiveBatch alerts support custom messages and subjects, where required, using ActiveBatch variables and log files to ensure that information about the job and information is presented.