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Informatica PowerCenter Scheduling within ActiveBatch IT Automation

Informatica PowerCenter users are looking to reduce the time required to build and manage their ETL and data warehousing processes without the need for complex custom scripting, which takes a lot of time to create and maintain. Learn how ActiveBatch, the leading Job Scheduling and Workload Automation solution in the IT Automation industry, makes it easy to integrate and automate end-to-end IT and business processes without the need for custom scripting.

PMCMD is a command line utility that is application specific and not designed to easily manage dependencies or pass data across disparate systems into end to end workflows. Scheduling a PowerCenter workflow to run in ActiveBatch requires no scripting and can be managed by simply associating a Schedule, when a workflow is to run, and a Calendar, so you can exclude non-business days from your schedules, within a PowerCenter workflow. You can also reuse the same Schedule or Calendar with as many other workflows without the need to recreate them allowing you to create them once and use them many times.