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Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

Simplify the management of ETL processes and data warehousing with ActiveBatch’s Business Intelligence capabilities.

Improved Data Warehouse Business Intelligence Performance How to Achieve a Near Realtime Warehouse

Companies are increasingly relying on business intelligence (BI) solutions to gain insight into operations, customers and financial results, and are playing a crucial role in shaping a company's strategy.

As a result, data warehouses are no longer the attic of the business computing world, but have become essential, mission-critical data repositories that BI solutions mine. Therefore, ensuring the timeliness of data as well as accuracy is a critical component to any successful BI/reporting strategy.

Data warehouses are typically created and maintained using extract, transform, load (ETL) processes that have, historically, been focused on smaller numbers of data sources. But in today's complex, heterogeneous IT environment, the democratization of BI applications has led to data warehouses being required to draw data from hundreds of different sources throughout an enterprise IT infrastructure. As a result, BI and data warehouses require automation solutions that are both easy to implement as well as reliable to ensure accurate data is maintained and accessed in a timely manner.

Job scheduling and workload automation solutions, such as Advanced Systems Concepts' ActiveBatch, can help simplify the management of ETL processes and data warehouses, and ensure their performance in near real-time while automating the processes used to update data repositories, resulting in improved data quality and reporting. ActiveBatch's Integrated Jobs Library, offers "templated" Job Steps for ETL and BI applications to ensure accurate data is being reliably delivered when required, whether based on a specific time or an event such as the start of a BI reporting process.

ActiveBatch BI/Data Warehousing tools include:



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