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Developer Views

Build and automate end-to-end workflows in half the time with ActiveBatch's graphical development environments.

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As a developer, you’re focused on researching, writing, and developing scripts. However, as more and more processes are needed to automate various tasks, writing a script for every task just isn’t possible anymore. ActiveBatch helps developers build and automate end-to-end workflows in half the time with an easy to use graphical user interface and various development environments and views that allow for better identification of logic issues and testing changes. 

Forecast View
Forecast View shows the critical path of workflows, along with their dependencies, to help predict the optimal run times of workflow.

Map View
Map View is a dynamic graphical display and development environment that allows users to easily build, design, and modify workflow shape from a single pane.

Simulation Mode
Simulation Mode accelerates bimodal workflow development and testing by simulating the execution of a workflow, without actually running the job’s payload. 

Workflow Optimizer
Workflow Optimizer provides an elapsed time insight for all jobs within a workflow, allowing users to change the workflow shape and see the immediate runtime impact of the change.

Test Pending Changes
This view, which is a part of Check Out | Check In with Collaboration, shows all objects which have been checked out for development, as well as details of the user who made the check for improved collaboration.


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