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Operational Views

Improve insight and monitor your applications and systems more efficiently with ActiveBatch's Operations Views.


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If you’re in IT Operations, you’re overseeing the day-to-day job processing and happenings within the overall IT environment. With all of the different applications, technologies, and databases you have to manage, you need a centralized point of control. ActiveBatch provides just that with a simple, easy to use graphical interface and several custom views for monitoring job performance, managing system resources, and much more. With ActiveBatch, IT Operations can improve insight, troubleshoot more effectively, and improve overall job success rates. 

The ActiveBatch Dashboard is a highly customizable, visual interface which shows ActiveBatch performance, Job Scheduler health, and workload analytics so users can more easily monitor real-time and historical progress of jobs and systems. 

Gantt View graphically displays all workflow dependencies and executions, giving users an easy to understand view of all objects and object states.

Machine Load
Machine Load View provides a visual heat map with refined performance counter graphs so users can optimize system resources and rearrange resources based on workload needs.

Scheduling Analytics
Scheduling Analytics consists of four views which help monitor SLAs, providing an analysis dashboard and SLA job/plan information, as well as views that work with ActiveBatch’s Smart Queue to improve insight into system resources. 

ActiveBatch provides comprehensive support for SLAs, including an SLA Monitor View which gives Operations greater insight into critically marked SLA workflows. The real-time SLA Monitor View combines both text and graphical workflow and job relationships to allow Operations to easily track critical jobs and workflows. 

Daily Activity
Daily Activity offers a real-time display, in list fashion, of what jobs have completed, are executing, and will execute on a given day, giving Operations an expansive view of all activity for a particular day. Plans are color-coded for ease of use and all completed jobs are color-coded based on whether they succeeded or failed.

Definitions View helps users obtain counts for each object by container (Folder and Plan), showing where the greatest amount is by type, followed by showing the object itself. Definitions View provides sorting and filtering capabilities by object, allowing Operations to more easily filter objects to clean up a certain type of object or focus on a specific set of objects. 

Operations View provides a dynamic, real-time display, in list fashion, of jobs that have been scheduled for execution in near time, jobs that are currently executing, and jobs that have executed recently.

Queue Counters
Queue Counters View provides a list of all queues present within the Job Scheduler and their respective counters. Queue Counters includes information on the processing/execution states of each queue as well as the average run time and average CPU time. 

Runbook provides a dynamic display in which jobs are listed in a diary fashion by ascending time within a specific date. You can obtain more information about a given job or plan by clicking within the Runbook and obtaining a Runbook list. 


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