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ActiveBatch job scheduler automates enterprise applications for Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Release date: 8/1/2006

ActiveBatch gives Phoenix Children's Hospital, southwest's largest children's hospital, consistent processing results plus monitoring of all enterprise management applications.

PARSIPPANY, NJ – (August 8, 2006) – Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s data processing was anemic, and Arthur Thum knew it.  Thum, newly hired IT Manager for Financial and Administrative Systems at the 307-bed facility, was pleased with the enterprise management software he found when he joined PCH in late 2004.  But without a better method of scheduling and managing routine data processing tasks, he knew his systems would never be the picture of health.
“I’m a big believer in batch automation,” Thum noted.  “PCH was still processing all its daily non-clinical transactions—inventory, finance, HR, purchasing and payroll, to name a few—using manual methods.  An automated solution would give us consistent quality, along with improved audit capability.  Once I came on board I began looking for a better solution.”
As the largest children’s hospital in the Southwestern U.S., Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) is known for its state-of-the-art pediatric care.  Several years before Thum’s hiring, the hospital chose a high-quality enterprise management system from Lawson Software.  Lawson’s application manages all non-surgical aspects of PCH’s operations, from human resources, supply chain management and purchasing to finance and accounting, reporting and business intelligence.
“Lawson is a great package but its scheduling feature is rather rudimentary, which is why PCH was running its jobs manually,” said Thum.  “We began looking for an automation application and identified products we wanted to pursue from four different vendors.  After a careful evaluation, we determined only one met our need to balance functionality, value and cost--and that was ActiveBatch®.”
ActiveBatch, from Advanced Systems Concepts Inc., is a scalable and highly flexible business process automation application that can schedule and trigger jobs and job plans by a wide range of criteria including events, data, time or date.  Easily installed and extremely cost-efficient, ActiveBatch supports the execution of jobs and job plans on Windows, Linux, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, HP Tru64 Unix, and OpenVMS.  The high-performance product is known for its strong feature set and affordability, making it a popular choice for users across a wide range of industries.
“We placed a high priority in our search on cost-effectiveness and robust capabilities.  ActiveBatch scored high in both areas,” Thum noted.  “It beat the competition in functionality, giving us all the features we wanted at a better price.”
Handling the installation internally, Thum created the scripting that would connect ActiveBatch to the Lawson platform.  Installation took no more than one day.  “ActiveBatch is very simple to learn,” he said.  Once we completed our trial, the integration and final implementation were really no problem.  Advanced Systems Concepts’ technical staff was available all along the way.”

Almost immediately, ActiveBatch enabled PCH to automate many of the processing tasks that were previously managed on a manual basis.  The application also offers a Job Plans feature that uniquely allows Thum to establish policies for the implementation of job streams.  “I’ve set up a Plan that initiates every night at midnight to check processing status.  If our Lawson system is offline and hasn’t re-started within a certain period, I’m notified remotely so we can determine the problem,” Thum stated.

One of ActiveBatch’s most valuable traits, according to the PCH IT staff, is its monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.  Thum and his team are able to monitor interfaces, data flows, processes, applications and much more.  “Right now our guys are using ActiveBatch to monitor FTP processes,” he explained.  “Once they define the parameters, ActiveBatch checks every interface and initiates warnings when a problem is found.”  He also notes that ActiveBatch’s report generation features automatically give his team the documentation it needs whenever IT audits are conducted.

Thum is enthusiastic about ActiveBatch, saying that he has just begun to tap the application’s potential.  “I’m a big believer in having the machines do what they’re able to do.  That gives people the freedom they need to be more creative.  ActiveBatch does everything that bigger and more expensive schedulers do.  It’s the most cost-effective and robust package I’ve seen yet.”

About Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.:
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