Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. Announces ActiveBatch® Version 10 at the Gartner IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit

Release date: 6/11/2015

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. today announced from the Gartner IOM Summit that it will be demonstrating the soon-to-be released ActiveBatch Version 10.

GARTNER IT Operations Strategies & Solutions Summit, Orlando, FL. (June 15-16, 2015) - Advanced Systems Concepts Inc. (ASCI), maker of ActiveBatch® Workload Automation and Job Scheduling Software, today announced from the Gartner IOM Summit that it will be demonstrating the soon-to-be released ActiveBatch Version 10.

Advanced Systems Concepts will be demonstrating how ActiveBatch is redefining IT Automation with the fastest and simplest workflow creation automation solution on the market. ActiveBatch helps developers create and update complex workflows in half the time using its innovative Integrated Jobs Library, the industry’s largest library of automated integrations containing hundreds of pre-defined Job Steps for today’s leading technologies and applications. The Integrated Jobs Library’s intuitive and graphical drag-and-drop interface, combined with ActiveBatch’s object referencing functionality saves organizations hundreds of hours each year in workflow development time and significantly reduces operational costs.

ActiveBatch Version 10 offers cutting-edge automation functionality that improves and expands on ActiveBatch’s existing capabilities with new collaboration features, Simulation Mode, REST integration, a newly designed Dashboard, and four new and enhanced views including Gantt, Machine Loading, MAP, and What-If. Key features like Machine Loading View will provide users with insight into how their system resources are being impacted by both ActiveBatch and non-ActiveBatch processes, while other features like Simulation Mode will simulate workload execution without actually running the payload, allowing organizations to fix potential problems before the workflow runs.

“ActiveBatch V10 is a major release that will provide users with advanced collaboration and insight capabilities to further enhance fast and reliable workflow creation and maintenance. V10’s support of REST will provide improved ease of use as developers will be able to create reusable REST Job Steps via the ActiveBatch Service Library for common, repetitive workflows, as well as a “raw” REST Job Step for advanced users. ActiveBatch V10 allows developers to build and automate REST processes and integrate with non-REST processes to create dynamic, end-to-end workflows,” says Jim Manias, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.

As IT organizations face increasing complexity from new technologies, dynamic business needs, and regulations, the need for a simple, yet powerful automation solution is greater than ever. ActiveBatch provides organizations with an architectural approach to automation that is designed to absorb the complexity of today’s IT environments so organizations can quickly adapt to the rapidly changing pace of business.

ActiveBatch Version 10 will be demonstrated at the Gartner IOM Summit at Advanced Systems Concepts’ exhibit at Booth #324. To learn more about ActiveBatch V10, visit our exhibits or log on to

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