Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. Announces ActiveBatch V5 Support for Microsoft 64-Bit Operating Systems

Release date: 3/24/2005

ASCI’s Leading Job Scheduling/Management Application Verified for Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition; AMD and Intel EMT 64-Bit Processors Supported

PARSIPPANY, NJ – (May 24, 2005) – Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI), a leading provider of system software solutions that enhance Windows®, UNIX, Linux and OpenVMS systems, announced today that the latest version of its flagship job scheduling and management system, ActiveBatch® V5, now supports Microsoft’s newly-announced 64-bit operating systems, Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. By supporting these cutting-edge platforms, ActiveBatch V5 assures users the latest, most powerful computing application with which to manage large, sophisticated production environments.

Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition provide a comprehensive operating environment for running the next generation of enterprise applications. With the advent of ActiveBatch 64-bit support, enterprises can leverage these software breakthroughs, as well as the large memory capacity and faster processing speed of 64-bit CPUs, to increase production workloads and speed batch processing throughput.

“ASCI is once again at the forefront of computing technology through its quick support for Microsoft 64-bit architectures,” said Bob Anderson, ActiveBatch Product Manager for Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. “What’s more, by supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, Version 5 of ActiveBatch provides an easy migration path for users who are considering, or in the process of implementing, upgrades in their job management systems.”

Latest Processors Supported
In addition to Microsoft’s new 64-bit operating systems, ActiveBatch V5 is suitable for systems running AMD Opteron or Athlon 64 processors, as well as Intel Xeon chips.

“The AMD Opteron processor provides an exceptional backbone for business-critical applications such as task management,” said Ben Williams, director of AMD’s Server/Workstation Business Segment. “The AMD64 platform eases the migration path to 64-bit computing for businesses large and small, offering a dramatic performance improvement.”

Both AMD and Intel have created viable, cost-effective upgrade strategies for enterprises wishing to operate in the 64-bit arena. As a combination 32/64 chip, AMD Opteron CPUs enable enterprises to run both 32-bit and 64-bit applications natively without emulation. Intel’s EMT64 technology allows 32-bit applications to emulate 64-bit instructions and memory access, thereby also supporting legacy applications. With these scenarios available, enterprises can invest in 64-bit servers immediately and add 64-bit software platforms as business conditions dictate.

Industry-Leading Solution
ASCI’s ActiveBatch V5 is the latest and most advanced job scheduling solution on the market today. Architected for immediate, or near-immediate, information processing, ActiveBatch V5 meets the need for real-time batch processing facing many data processing departments. The application also flattens integration, training, and manageability curves for IT staffs by taking advantage of the features inherent in the Windows OS.

ActiveBatch V5 supports Kerberos and other Windows Security components as well as Microsoft Active Directory, Windows Management Instrumentation, Microsoft clusters and much more. A new Job Plan feature, new NonCluster Failover and Microsoft Cluster options, and Job/Plan Variable Support also improve reliability, user control, and overall job execution performance.

In support of Microsoft’s new 64-bit systems, ASCI is making 64-bit kits for ActiveBatch V5 available to customers via download. For more information visit

About Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.
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