ASCI Survey Shows IT Workload Automation At Center Of Future Cloud, Virtual, Big Data Initiatives

Release date: 6/2/2015

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. announces the results of its 2015 Customer Insights Survey. The study, which surveyed leading IT professionals around the world, showed that workload automation is quickly becoming a critical part of cloud, big data, and onboarding initiatives. 

Enterprise IT Professionals Surveyed by Advanced Systems Concepts Plan Exponential Increases; Workload Automation Seen as Solution to Virtual Machine Sprawl, Utilization Waste 

MORRISTOWN, NJ – (June 2, 2015) – Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI), maker of ActiveBatch® IT Automation Without BoundariesSM, today announced the results of a study of leading IT professionals at medium-to-large enterprises around the world. The study, conducted to gain insights into the value of workload automation solutions among IT executives, managers and technical specialists, showed that workload automation is quickly becoming a critical part of cloud, virtual, big data, and onboarding initiatives.

In many cases, according to study results, the use of workload automation for these initiatives is expected to double or even triple in the future. Cloud and virtual systems are recording the biggest jump; in 2014, for example, only 2% of respondents reported using workload automation to enhance their cloud processes, compared to 21% who said they either now use, or intend to use, workload automation for this purpose. The increase for virtual systems is even greater, jumping from 2% in 2014 to a total of 26% among current and future users.

Other enterprise processes were also cited in the ASCI study as growth areas for workload automation. Onboarding and offboarding of enterprise personnel, a routine IT task, is currently handled by workload automation platforms in only 8% of organizations; 16% of respondents, however, stated they plan to adopt their platforms for these tasks in the future. Similarly, DevOps is expected to grow from 12% of current users to 28% in the future.

Workload automation is still employed primarily for traditional uses such as batch processing, file operations, managed file transfers, and database tasks. However, the advent of “intelligent” capabilities for workload automation including on-the-fly IT resource management, predictive modeling, SLA management, and virtual machine setup/teardown, is quickly changing the way workload automation is being perceived and leveraged in the evolving IT landscape.

​“Many enterprises are beginning to realize that cloud and virtual machine solutions, while invaluable, present new challenges of their own that IT workload automation is ideally suited to solve,” said Ben Rosenberg, President of Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. “Efficient resource utilization in a pay-as-you-go world is critical. Because computing tasks are more dynamic and unpredictable than ever, new solutions are needed to ensure that the right amount of computing resources are available to meet SLAs and general business requirements, at the exact time they’re needed—no more, no less. IT professionals are realizing that intelligent workload automation can solve these problems.”

The debut of advanced workload automation capabilities creates significant cost, speed, and efficiency benefits for enterprises that are moving their processes to a cloud or virtual footing. For example, intelligent workload automation solutions make use of both reactive and predictive algorithms to automatically adjust computing resources to accommodate changing needs. Reactive algorithms instantly compensate for unexpected loads or failures, while predictive algorithms analyze historical needs to ensure that the ideal mix of internal, virtual and cloud resources are assembled at the precise time they are needed.

ASCI’s 2015 Customer Insights study was conducted in January of 2015, sampling the company’s base of global enterprise automation customers. 

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