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Children’s Hospital Of Omaha Finds ActiveBatch A Potent Remedy For Its Hospital-Wide Data Warehouse

Release date: 2/12/2008

Job Scheduler Becomes First-Ever Automation Solution, Managing Data Processing Tasks For Everything from Patient Care and Operational Efficiency to Decision Support and Accounting

PARSIPPANY, NJ – (February 12, 2008) – Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI), a leading provider of system software solutions that enhance Windows™, UNIX, Linux and OpenVMS systems, announced today that Children’s Hospital in Omaha, the only full-service pediatric health care center in Nebraska, has selected ASCI’s ActiveBatch to manage all of the hospital’s automated job scheduling tasks.  As the key application responsible for Children’s Hospital’s data warehouse management, ActiveBatch now plays a critical role in updating and maintaining virtually every major data repository at the hospital.
“Until now, most of our processing tasks have been accomplished through a combination of manual operations and internally-generated scripts,” said Allana Cummings, vice president and chief information officer of Children’s Hospital.  “We realized that automation would significantly increase the availability and value of our various data stores.  ActiveBatch has the power and flexibility to accomplish all these tasks, and it can do so on a daily, even real-time, basis.”
ActiveBatch, now available in Version 6, is uniquely able to support the strategic business needs of an enterprise by coordinating a wide range of business process and intelligence tasks.  The application proactively supports the growing transformation of batch processing and job scheduling software a back-office workhorse to a strategic corporate asset, providing both accountability and empowerment to those who work with enterprise data on a daily basis.
A key consideration for Cummings and her team was ActiveBatch’s ability to interface with a wide range of operating platforms, databases and applications.  “Our department is responsible for the integrity of a wide range of information that reaches every part of the hospital,” noted Cummings.  “Examples include patient care and safety, operations, financials and accounting, infection control, computerized provider order entry, and laboratory data.”
Among the many enterprise applications employed by Children’s Hospital are the Eclipsys clinical information system; EpicCare Ambulatory EMR; Lawson BPM; and InterSystems’ Caché database environment.  Most packages are run on Microsoft Windows, although UNIX and Linux operating systems are also present.  ActiveBatch, through its unique job scheduling approach, is able to integrate seamlessly across all these disparate systems, making Children’s Hospital’s automated data processing possible.
Cummings also pointed to ActiveBatch’s simple user interface, easy setup, and strong monitoring features as reasons the application was selected.  “The GUI is very intuitive, making it easy to control jobs and job plans,” she stated, “and the built-in job types allow our IT staff to specify tasks very quickly.”
While Children’s Hospital has only recently installed ActiveBatch, its positive impact is already being noticed around the hospital.  “Our processing is much faster and more efficient.  Errors are down as well,” Cummings said.  “ActiveBatch’s flexibility, high availability, strong load balancing and broad capability made it the product of choice for our demanding processing needs.”
About Children’s Hospital
Proudly serving children since 1948, Children’s Hospital is the only full-service, pediatric health care center in Nebraska.  Located in Omaha, it provides expertise in more than 30 pediatric specialty services to children and families across a five-state region and beyond.  The 142-bed, non-profit hospital houses the only dedicated pediatric emergency department in the region and offers 24-hour, in-house services by pediatric critical care specialists.  Children’s Hospital has achieved the Magnet designation for nursing excellence and in 2007, received the first President’s Award presented by Eclipsys Corp.  Children’s is the primary teaching site for the family practice and joint pediatric residency programs at Creighton University and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  For more information on Children’s Hospital go to www.chsomaha.org.

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