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Realtime Publishers and Advanced Systems Concepts Release The Shortcut Guide to IT Workload Automation and Job Scheduling

Release date: 12/14/2010

Every IT department is well aware of the challenges associated with trying to coordinate tasks across disparate technologies and solutions. Customer files coming in via a Linux FTP server need to be ingested into a SQL database. Provisioning Active Directory users requires too many manual steps across too many disparate systems. New records in a Microsoft SQL database must trigger an action to occur in a middleware system. Even the most configuration controlled IT organization must manage lots of little products that somehow need to interact. Since IT technologies are rarely in the habit of communicating seamlessly with one another, the use of so many disparate technologies can create one unified (and massive) headache. Fortunately, that headache can be alleviated with the use of automated job scheduling.

San Francisco, CA — December 14, 2010 — Realtime Publishers, leading producer of expert-driven, online media for IT professionals, and Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI™), a leading provider of system software solutions that enhance Windows, UNIX, Linux, and OpenVMS systems, announced the immediate availability of The Shortcut Guide to IT Workload Automation and Job Scheduling. Authored by industry expert Mark Scott, this new title provides insight into orchestrating processes to move data between systems, tracking and troubleshooting process issues, and optimizing their use of shared enterprise resources. Scott also describes key obstacles to overcome and offers a list of best practices to help design and maintain the operation of mission-critical tasks across the organization.
The Shortcut Guide to IT Workload Automation and Job Scheduling offers help to professionals who must schedule jobs on multiple applications, servers, and platforms within their organizations. It identifies key areas of consideration and helps lay the groundwork for formulating an effective strategy for keeping the flow of information within the enterprise stable and reliable,” explains author Mark Scott. “It helps provide criteria for evaluating the policies, procedures, and products used to ensure that mission-critical processes perform as designed.”
The Shortcut Guide to IT Workload Automation and Job Scheduling offers the following four chapters:
Chapter 1: Challenges of IT Workload Automation and Job Scheduling
Chapter 2: IT Workload Automation and Job Scheduling
Chapter 3: IT Workload Automation and Job Design and Configuration
Chapter 4: Best Practices for IT Workload Automation and Job Scheduling
This guide will be offered using the Realtime publishing model, whereby new chapters are posted as soon as they are complete in order to offer the most relevant, technically accurate information available. Realtime Publishers will offer access to the title at no charge from its industry-leading Realtime Nexus eBook portal at http://nexus.realtimepublishers.com/SGITWAJS.htm. The Shortcut Guide to IT Workload Automation and Job Scheduling may also be downloaded as it is released on the sponsor’s website at http://www.advsyscon.com/.

About Realtime Publishers
Realtime Publishers has set the IT-Industry standard for corporate-sponsored ePublishing, creating interactive communities that employ RSS, blogs, and podcasting; electronic and printed books; white papers; video tutorials; and webinars. With a who's who list of industry expert authors, a veteran editorial staff, and a leading content delivery system through its information portal, Realtime Nexus, Realtime Publishers offers the most current expert resources for IT professionals. Realtime Publishers’ sponsors include Microsoft, McAfee, CA, Novell, and Dell. For more information, please visit http://www.realtimepublishers.com.

About Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.
Headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc., founded in 1981, is a System Software Engineering and consulting company that offers many software products and options for users of Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, and HP OpenVMS systems. These products provide answers to software developers and system managers requiring improved system efficiency and utilization. Advanced Systems Concepts today has over 200,000 licenses installed and a worldwide base of customers in 34 countries around the world. Advanced Systems Concepts is a Microsoft Independent Solution Vendor, a HP Software Gold Business Partner, an HP-UX Power Partner, a Sun Catalyst member, an IBM Business Partner and a Red Hat Ready Partner. For more information, see the company’s website at http://www.advsyscon.com/ or call 1 973-539-2660.

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