World’s Largest Materials Engineering Society Chooses ActiveBatch® To Maximize Value Of Its Community Web Sites

Release date: 3/11/2008

Leading Job Scheduling System to Manage SQL Server Tasks, Run Crystal Reports; Solution Chosen for Its Easy Scalability as Society Ramps Up to 90+ Community Sites

PARSIPPANY, NJ – (March 11, 2008) – Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI), a leading provider of system software solutions that enhance Windows™, UNIX, Linux and OpenVMS systems, announced today that ASM International®, the Materials Information Society, has selected ASCI’s ActiveBatch job scheduling software to help manage its ambitious new community Web site concept.  ActiveBatch will enable ASM International to coordinate many key tasks connected to the concept, which allows society members around the world to collaborate on professional matters, including the processing of database jobs as well as site performance analytics for society administrators through Crystal Reports.
ActiveBatch, now available in Version 6, is the industry’s leading enterprise-class job scheduling system.  ActiveBatch is uniquely able to support the strategic business needs of a modern IT organization by coordinating a wide range of business process and intelligence tasks.  The solution, which supports interoperability across Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX and other platforms, also optimizes available computing resources through the use of real-time, event-driven “smart” processing.
ActiveBatch’s newly-available support for Crystal Reports played a major role in ASM International’s selection, along with the application’s easy scalability.  “Our society’s community Web site concept is one of our biggest initiatives ever.  It will allow our chapters to offer their members a collaborative environment for problem-solving, document sharing, instant messaging, even virtual meetings,” said Bill Raley, director of IT for ASM International.  “With roughly a half-dozen sites now in operation and 90-plus sites ultimately planned, we needed a solution that could scale up to meet the projected demand.  We also wanted a package that would manage the creation of site analytics in Crystal Reports for our administrators and executives.  ActiveBatch met our requirements on all counts.”
ASM International is the world’s largest materials information society, with more than 90 chapters throughout North America and around the globe.  The organization, headquartered in an award-winning building and campus outside Cleveland, Ohio, provides its members in the scientific and engineering fields with a host of services about materials ranging from traditional metals, ceramics and polymers to the most cutting-edge composite, magnetic and superconducting materials.
To support its new community project, ASM International spent two and one-half years building a dedicated datacenter from the ground up.  According to Raley and Tony Purkins, the society’s business systems report administrator, ActiveBatch was also the only job scheduler they found that could support the new datacenter’s SQL Server backbone.
“ActiveBatch excels at maximizing server performance,” Purkins noted.   “We wanted our job scheduler to manage our database resources effectively—from setting up queues and threading applications to executing processing tasks with virtually no supervision.  Our proof-of-concept testing determined that ActiveBatch was best at handling our production loads.”
Since its installation in October, ActiveBatch has already taken on a significant workload at the society.  The application currently manages over 200 Crystal Reports jobs, with many more expected to be added in the future.
“We’re just beginning to look at the business intelligence opportunities made possible through ActiveBatch,” Raley stated.  “We expect ActiveBatch to not only help us increase our service levels to our members, but also to do so without adding new IT staff.”
About ASM International
ASM International, The Materials Information Society, serves the materials science and engineering profession. ASM's worldwide membership is comprised of 38,000 research scientists, materials engineers, faculty members, industrial and manufacturing engineers, technicians and students whose work involves advanced materials, processes that improve performance and applications that improve our quality of life. ASM's Materials Park headquarters near Cleveland, Ohio is known for the world's largest openwork geodesic dome. Visit for details or call (440) 338-5151, x5622.

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