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XLNT Version 4 Scripting and Command Language for Windows 2003 is released

Release date: 2/21/2006

Advanced Systems Concepts Debuts XLNT Command/Scripting Language V4, Featuring Support for Active Directory Commands. Powerful, easy to use programming language simplifies administration of Windows systems; new version includes multiple upgrades to shorten development time.

PARSIPPANY, NJ – (February 21, 2006) – Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI), a leading provider of system software solutions that enhance Windows™, UNIX, Linux and OpenVMS systems, today announced the release of a new version of XLNT®, the company’s advanced scripting and command language for Windows system administrators.  The new edition, Version 4, allows admins and developers to use Active Directory commands when referencing objects within LDAP directories, and gives users a range of other valuable improvements to speed or eliminate routine programming tasks for local or remote Windows systems.
XLNT has become a favorite of Windows XP/2000/NT systems managers and application developers by greatly facilitating repetitive and/or time consuming programming and scripting tasks.  The rapid deployment of Windows XP/2000/NT systems requires administrators to employ advanced tools like XLNT to solve typical administrative problems like creating, modifying, deleting hundreds of objects (i.e. files, shares, registry, printers, services) and their permissions.  XLNT saves time and improves accuracy for these users, whose previous alternatives were GUI-based solutions designed for either simpler tasks or a single system.
XLNT’s lineup of timesaving tools include an Interactive Development Environment (IDE) and debugging system for more robust, problem-free scripts; Windows Scripting Host (WSH) support; and powerful interactive commands that directly create, modify or delete shares, files, printers and/or users.  Because XLNT commands can be incorporated into VBScript, PERL and other programming languages, programmers can complete tasks in less time and with greater accuracy.
“XLNT Version 4 continues our commitment to making this language as convenient and efficient as possible,” said Jim Manias, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.  “Its new command line features and datatype support takes time out of recurrent tasks and shortens programming time, all while assuring the overall integrity of Windows system management.”
Many of the commands found in XLNT, including new commands in version 4, can be executed on local and remote systems using the “/on-node name” qualifier.  This capability enables programmers to interact with, modify, and retrieve information on systems that are not licensed; what’s more, it enables the creation of encoded scripts that are less likely to be changed by others.
Simple, Fast
Among the Active Directory command improvements supported in Version 4 are support for Active Directory objects such as computer, user, and group.  New command line enhancements include a new /RENAME qualifier (available for the SECURITY MODIFY verb) to rename a local user account; the KILL command now supports termination of processes on remote Windows machines with the /ON qualifier.  What’s more, XLNT now supports the GetObject WSH method to connect to pre-existing WSH objects.
Version 4 also supports large (64-bit) signed and unsigned integers.  By doing so, users can not only set the preferred integer size to be using during an XLNT session, but also take advantage of a new range of symbol types to support signed and unsigned integers.
Pricing and Availability
XLNT Version 4, available in standard or professional editions, is available in multi-license or RunTime license formats, with enterprise licenses and a special education licensing plan available.  XLNT includes 60-days of unlimited technical support. 

For additional information, including exclusive upgrade pricing for Version 3 users, visit the Advanced Systems Concepts web site (www.advsyscon.com) or email sales@advsyscon.com

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