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DiskMaker-OpenVMS Disk Management Software



DiskMaker-OpenVMS Disk Management Software

Overview: DiskMaker for OpenVMS Volume Shadowing:

OpenVMS Disk Management Volume Shadowing

As storage devices are constantly growing in size and improving affordability, OpenVMS systems managers are looking for strategies that incorporate existing storage systems and associated shadow sets to be utilized using OpenVMS Volume Shadowing without replacing already deployed storage. DiskMaker Delivers!

The DiskMaker for OpenVMS utility allows OpenVMS System Manager's and System Programmer's to enhance the usefulness of HP's OpenVMS Volume Shadowing and/or Disk Striping products.

DiskMaker also allows you to create pseudo disks into which you can locate critical file(s) that you need to shadow. This feature allows you to focus your shadowing requirements and reduce the amount of density that would otherwise be required if you were forced to shadow an entire volume. For example, today you might have to shadow two (2) SCSI 36Gb disks to protect a critical 50mb file. With DiskMaker, you would create two (2) approx. 50mb pseudo-disks on your two SCSI drives and simply shadow the critical and smaller portion.

Prerequisite Software:

DiskMaker for OpenVMS V1.5 runs on any VAX or Alpha processor, using OpenVMS for VAX, Version 5.5-2 or later and OpenVMS for Alpha, Version 7.1 or later. HP OpenVMS Volume Shadowing is required for DiskMaker.

If you don't have the HP product mentioned above, then ASCI's SHADOW family of products may be a more suitable fit for your needs.

Optional Software:

DiskMaker with Striping for OpenVMS can be purchased to provide striping facilities for those customers who own HP's OpenVMS Volume Shadowing product but don't have a Disk Striping package. This optional license allows users to create stripesets consisting of files and/or volumes.

RemoteSHADOW is a separately priced product which allows you to shadow your data, with or without the use of HP's OpenVMS Volume Shadowing product, to other node(s) in your network. RemoteSHADOW is used to expand the media reliability strategy that local mirroring offers to also include a local site failure. RemoteSHADOW provides the ability to mirror your data, in real-time, to a hot site for the purpose of providing a quick and effective intra-day business recovery.

VIRTUOSO(TM) Virtual Disk and Disk Caching system can be combined with DiskMaker to allow Data Caching, Encryption and other features that improve the performance, reliability, and security of data.

Software Installation:

Installation of the DiskMaker product is subject to the terms of the ASCI Standard Software Product License Agreement. DiskMaker is designed to be Customer installable and uses HP's VMSINSTAL facility.

Warranty Information:

This software is sold through ASCI's Software Product License Agreement which warrants the product for ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. Warranty services include technical assistance, remedial telephone support and product upgrades.

Customer Support Information:

After the initial product warranty expires, ASCI offers an annual customer support plan. This includes technical assistance, remedial telephone support, product upgrades, and enhancements, as they become available. The annual customer support plan is separately priced.

Ordering Information:

ASCI normally distributes all material via the web. Current prices are available upon request. Multi- CPU and Educational Institutions discounts are available.



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