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Recorder-OpenVMS Terminal Recording Software



Recorder-OpenVMS Terminal Recording Software

Overview: Recorder v3.4:

The Recorder Terminal Recording System for OpenVMS is a software package that allows a user to monitor the input and/or output streams of one or more interactive terminal sessions. Recorder is a subset of the Performance Simulation System (PSS) for OpenVMS. PSS allows a user to monitor, record, and then playback a terminal session on one or more real or pseudo terminals.


Recorder can be used to monitor both local and dial-in terminal sessions. This allows highly sensitive applications to be monitored for unauthorized access. In addition by monitoring the VMS system console, you have available a complete log of system events, including anything the operator entered. This feature is useful for monitoring operator interaction on production machines, when you require a complete record of events to determine and solve problems.

Minimum Hardware Supported:

This product runs under the OpenVMS operating system under all standard, VAX and Alpha AXP-hardware configurations. The Recorder driver requires approximately 3Kb of physical memory. Each monitored terminal also requires approximately 3Kb of memory. Recorder supports all terminals that use the OpenVMS class-terminal driver.

Prerequisite Software:

Recorder V3.4 runs on any OpenVMS supported processor (VAX or Alpha), using OpenVMS VAX version 5.5-2 or later, or OpenVMS Alpha V6.1 or later. Recorder is able to monitor/play back any terminal device that uses the OpenVMS Terminal Class Driver (such as LAT, PSI, DZ, or DMF).

Optional Software:

PSS is a superset of Recorder, providing facilities for playing back recorded terminal sessions. PSS is primarily used for Performance and Application Regression testing.

Software Installation:

Installation of the Recorder product is subject to the terms of the ASCI Standard Software Product License Agreement. Recorder is designed to be Customer installable and uses Digital's VMSINSTAL facility.

Warranty Information:

Recorder is sold through ASCI's Software Product License Agreement, which warrants the product for ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. Warranty services include telephone-remedial support and product upgrades. Additional maintenance services after the warranty period---as well as any consulting or product training---are available and are separately priced.

Maintenance Information:

After the initial product warranty expires, ASCI offers a twelve-month maintenance plan for Recorder. This includes telephone-remedial support, product upgrades, and enhancements, as they become available. The annual maintenance plan is separately priced.

Ordering Information:

ASCI distributes all product downloads and documentation via the web. Current prices are available upon request. Multi- CPU and Educational Institutions discounts are available



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