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Watch-OpenVMS Terminal Monitoring Software



Watch-OpenVMS Terminal Monitoring Software

Overview: Watch(TM) v3.4 Terminal Monitoring Program:

WATCH(TM) Terminal Monitoring Program is a software tool that allows a user on one terminal to monitor and/or modify (advise) another terminal session interactively.

Monitoring a Terminal Session:

In addition to viewing a terminal, WATCH lets you enter data at your terminal's keyboard and "force" it into the input buffer of the selected terminal. This allows you to perform many interesting functions. Data entered on your terminal is inserted into the typeahead buffer of the terminal you are watching.

WATCH can be used in the following ways:

  • As a general facility for recording terminal output to disk for later inspection.
  • As a security tool for sensitive applications. Not only can you determine if an intrusion has taken place but, you can also take positive action against it.
  • As a remote diagnostic facility for assisting users on a computer system.
  • As a telecommunications tool to assist in diagnosing remote terminal/line failures.
  • As a sales tool for efficient and effective remote demonstrations of software.

Security Features:

You can install WATCH on a system for general or private use. However, it requires CMKRNL (Change Mode to KeRNeL) privilege and privileges of OPER, WORLD and SYSPRV to execute properly. To allow it to be used by the general public, simply INSTALL it with the required privileges.

WATCH enforces user level security through the use of a specific rightslist identifiers. These rightlist identifiers control the scope of terminal access for the process running WATCH, as well as, enable and disable features on a per user basis.

WATCH rights are also required to be able to input or advise another terminal and to disable the notification message sent to the terminal to inform the user that their terminal is being watched. Unique to WATCH, the target terminal's process may also hold certain software specific identifiers. These identifiers can override the watcher's rights which allow them to watch, input and "spy" on the user.

WATCH allows you to implement a site policy towards notifying users who are being watched and/or notify a user on a session basis.

Minimum Hardware Supported:

This product requires a valid OpenVMS configuration. No special hardware is required to execute.

Prerequisite Software:

WATCH V3.4 runs on any VAX or Alpha processor running OpenVMS version 5.5-2 or later for VAX and version 6.1 or later for Alpha. WATCH is able to monitor any terminal device that uses the standard OpenVMS Terminal Class Driver (such as, DMF, LAT, PSI ).

Software Installation:

Installation of WATCH is subject to the terms of the ASCI Standard Software Product License Agreement; it is designed to be Customer installable and uses Digital's VMSINSTAL facility.

Warranty Information:

This software is sold through ASCI's Software Product License Agreement, which warrants the product for ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. Warranty services include telephone remedial support and product updates. Additional maintenance services after the expiration of the warranty period---as well as any consulting or product training---are available and are separately priced.

Maintenance Information:

After the initial product warranty expires, ASCI offers a twelve-month maintenance plan. This includes telephone-remedial support, product upgrades, and enhancements, as they become available. The annual maintenance plan is separately priced.

Ordering Information:

ASCI distributes all product downloads and documentation via the web. Current prices are available upon request. Multi- CPU and Educational Institutions discounts are available.

WATCH is licensed using HP’s License Management Facility (LMF). A Product Authorization Key (PAK) is required prior to product installation and execution.


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