1. What is XLNT and why is it helpful?

  2. What platforms does XLNT support and what editions are available?

  3. Is XLNT compatible with Intel 64-Bit Processors?

What is XLNT and why is it helpful?

XLNT, developed by Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc., provides a powerful, but easy to use, scripting language to facilitate command-line and batch processing interfaces for the users of the Microsoft Windows operating systems. XLNT is perfect for describing, testing and implementing repetitive tasks without reliance on traditional programming languages and standard development tools.

XLNT excels in areas such as Remote Systems Administration, File Maintenance, CGI Development, Ad-hoc program development and Event Scheduling. With powerful features like the ability to invoke API's, built in functions for file and string handling, Input/Output redirection, secure TELNET like facility, nested command procedures, Universal Naming Convention (UNC) support and many more, XLNT provides users with a complete environment for system support and management functions on both local and remote systems.

Users and programmer's who are familiar with Digital Equipment Corporation's DCL on OpenVMS will love the instant familiarity of the XLNT commands and syntax.

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What platforms does XLNT support and what editions are available?

XLNT V5 SP1 supports the following Microsoft operating systems: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 10 and Windows 8.
Note: XLNT will operate properly on Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows XP. These Operating Systems are not on the list above as Microsoft no longer provides standard support. Customers who use XLNT on these platforms, may do so, with the express knowledge that if an OS issue or bug appears, it may not be supported or fixed on those unsupported releases.

The Standard Edition of XLNT provides the Enterprise Scripting and Command Language facilities that Administrators and Application Developers have come to count on to perform their tasks.

The Professional Edition is intended for the Administrative or Application Development scriptwriter to provide a faster, easier method for script creation. The Professional Edition is the only XLNT version that contains an Interactive Development Environment and Debugging facilities. The Professional Edition also provides new capabilities to encode client-side scripts into executable images. This capability addresses both script security considerations as well as script procedure sensitivity.

The Run-Time License Edition is intended for cost-effective deployment of XLNT technology across your Enterprise. This product edition offers the user the ability to deploy client-side encoded scripts across an unlimited number of Windows systems within your organization. The Run-Time License Edition is a companion product of the XLNT Professional Edition as only the scripts produced by the Professional can be executed.

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Is XLNT compatible with Intel 64-Bit Processors?

Yes. XLNT Version 5 runs natively on both 32-bit and 64-bit processors.

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