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Mitigating Data Center Risk by Adopting a New IT Automation STRATEGY
Try a modern approach, which puts processes and systems first.

Data centers are complicated, fluid, and sometimes risky places. Risky in the sense that while they are being asked relentlessly to be faster, more agile, and more reliable, they also are burdened with an ever-increasing array of equipment, applications, processes, and requirements. In the IT world, complexity breeds points of possible failure — and increased risk is the result.
ASCI Improves IBM i Chops of Cross-Platform Job Scheduler
Advanced Systems Concepts (ASCI) has recently enhanced its ActiveBatch job scheduler with more useful integration and management functionality for the IBM i server. ASCI last month announced the release of ActiveBatch version 9 SP3, which focuses on improving the product's capability to work in IBM i environments and with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) systems management tool.
ActiveBatch 9 Improves Job Scheduling for IBM AS/400 and System Center Configuration Manager - Virtualization Review, Christa Ayer
Eliminate custom scripts and platform-specific tools.
Advanced Systems Concepts Ramps Up Migration Effort for ActiveBatch Job Scheduler - ITJungle, Alex Woodie
When it comes to IBM i job schedulers, there are a few well-known entities that consistently make the shortlist during product bake-offs. The ActiveBatch offering from Advanced Systems Concepts Inc. (ASCI) is not a regular on that list. But the company says it's having success moving users from IBM job schedulers to its own. And with the newly launched migration service, it hopes to have more.
New products of the week - NetworkWorld, Brandon Butler
Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Sophos, Palo Alto Networks and Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.
Why You Should Care About Workload Automation - DATAVERSITY, Jelani Harper
Workload automation isn’t just a series of lengthy tasks (job scheduling) performed at 3 a.m. in the backrooms of IT departments anymore. It’s got a new look and feel, and can significantly assist the enterprise via: Self-Service Automation, Workload Execution Spikes, DevOps
A Look Ahead: 5 IT Automation Predictions for 2014 - and a look back at 2013)
Never before have IT organizations been under more pressure to change, both from internal and external forces alike. IT Automation is at the core of making organizations scalable - into and through the new year.
Automating Big Data - Questions answered about IT automation and what it means for restaurant operations and processes - Restaurant Facility Business
In the restaurant business, that could mean receiving data and processing reports related to dales and operations metrics for a franchise-based business in near real-time. As a result, IT is being asked to "script" these business processes into automated workflows - because more often than not, these processes span multiple datacenters or applications that the business relies on.
Automated Information Exchanges Can Streamline Business Workflow - Digital Media Online, Colin Beasty
IT Automation Q&A Session with Colin Beasty, Product Marketing Manager at Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc.
Unleashing IT Automation - NETWORKcomputing
Colin Beasty of Advanced Systems Concepts explains why IT organisations should adopt an architectural approach to IT automation.

IT automation used to revolve around well-defined tasks based on static schedules, so running a job at 3:00AM every Wednesday was as challenging as it got. In today's fluid 24/7 world this is not the case however; business demands are real-time and IT resources are a mix of both the physical and virtual. Someone or something is needed to manage this, and so job scheduling applications have evolved into advanced workload automation solutions capable of directing the execution of processes spanning heterogeneous environments.