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Event-Driven Architecture

ActiveBatch's event-driven architecture provides advanced scheduling features and capabilities that streamline complex processes and reduce delays. Minimize manual interventions with event triggers for business and IT operations, including email, file events, FTP file triggers, and data modifications. Save time with constraint-based scheduling and automated hand-offs. ActiveBatch Workflow Orchestration supports granular date/time scheduling and drag-and-drop scheduling to handle whatever new jobs require.

ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library

Seamless Integrations

ActiveBatch’s Integrated Jobs Library provides hundreds of platform-agnostic integrations (Job Steps). IT can drag-and-drop these Job Steps to quickly build, automate, and orchestrate workflows that incorporate data and dependencies from otherwise incompatible tools. IT can also streamline complex processes by coordinating and consolidating multiple other process automation tools into its centralized platform.

  • Business process automation: Microsoft app suite, enterprise resource management (ERP), business process management (BPM), and BI tools      
  • Data warehousing: Hadoop Ecosystem, SAP, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Databases, Informatica, IBM, and open-source data management software
  • Infrastructure automation: on-premises data centers and cloud vendors including VMware, Amazon EC2, and Microsoft Azure for hybrid and multi-cloud orchestration
  • Secure file transfers: MFT, SFTP, FTPS, with advanced file event triggers and parallel transfer capabilities

SLA Monitoring

ActiveBatch monitors IT processes to proactively prevent job failures, overruns, and SLA failures. Users can also monitor scheduled jobs in real time and access in-depth reports that make it easy to optimize and streamline job workflows. Plus, real-time notifications keep IT informed. ActiveBatch can trigger auto-remediation workflows so IT team members can focus on other tasks. With this enterprise-wide visibility, IT teams can easily handle dependencies, enable stakeholders in their initiatives, and promote digital transformation.

Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Job Scheduling for Enterprise Users

ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal provides an intuitive user interface so business end-users can run their own jobs without waiting on IT. Enabling non-IT users to run and monitor event-driven processes means the business doesn’t have to wait on IT when information is needed. Explore the ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Job scheduling tools allow users to schedule workflows to run at specific dates and times. A typical configuration includes a job scheduler and an execution agent. The job scheduler is responsible for job management, scheduling tasks, passing job information, and dispatching jobs to the right agent at the right time. Users can schedule jobs, have jobs triggered based on events, or run ad hoc jobs. Explore what you can do with ActiveBatch.

Yes. ActiveBatch generates and retains logs for all jobs and workflows. Logs can be stored in a remote location or centrally managed by the ActiveBatch database. Users can also run in-depth reports and have real-time visibility into processes and systems. Explore ActiveBatch’s workflow automation capabilities.

IT environments are increasingly complex and diverse so many IT organizations are moving toward end-to-end enterprise job schedulers and automation platforms that provide event-based workload automation, constraints, and intelligent facilities for managing IT infrastructure. The best job scheduling software products available also provide universal connectors and powerful REST APIs for endless extensibility. See what you can accomplish with ActiveBatch.

Yes. ActiveBatch Enterprise Job Scheduler supports many event triggers for email events, file events, FTP events, database modifications, tweets, and much more. This reduces delays and manual errors, keeping timely processes such as invoicing and credit card reports on time for both large and small businesses. Explore ActiveBatch’s event automation capabilities.

ActiveBatch functionality supports a range of interfaces and works on users’ favorite web interfaces like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera. ActiveBatch Web Console offers access to all capabilities to simplify workflows in ActiveBatch’s drag-and-drop workflow designer as well as customizable template reports. ActiveBatch also includes a Linux | UNIX command line interface (CLI) and is available as a separate download. Discover more of the user interfaces ActiveBatch supports.

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