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Monitoring and Alerting

Manage dependencies and reduce troubleshooting time with flexible and customizable Monitoring and Alerting

"Whenever there are problems, we don't have to spend as much time researching it; ActiveBatch tells us the exact place the problem occurred. Using the GUI, we can go in and look at the log to see what the error messages are and correct the underlying problem. In a lot of cases, we can fix problems and users won't even know there was a problem."

-- Jay Sissom, Manager of Systems Administration, Indiana University Foundation

Customizable Monitoring And Alerting

Flexible and reliable Monitoring and Alerting are integral parts of any IT Automation solution. When a critical process fails or another issue arises that has the potential to impact your business, dependable Monitoring capabilities, automated remediation, and timely Alerting are critical to ensuring the issue is noticed and addressed quickly. ActiveBatch provides highly customizable Monitoring and Alerting capabilities to help organizations improve workload execution and reduce the risk of breached Service Level Agreements (SLAs). 

Proactively Prevent Job Failures And Delays With Proactive Monitoring And Support for Dozens of Alerts And Delivery Methods

ActiveBatch proactively monitors workflow progress and, based on your organization’s needs, takes the appropriate automated steps if that workflow runs longer than expected or is in danger of breaching or breaches an SLA.

ActiveBatch also supports dozens of different Alert types and Alert Objects that notify the appropriate parties or systems when a specified condition has been raised within a workflow. Each Alert is deliverable using over many different delivery methods that include email, JMS, Microsoft Message Queues, SMS text, Twitter, SNMP, Skype, and more.

ActiveBatch Alert Objects simplify the management of Alerts by allowing multiple Alerts to be contained with a single Object. The Alert Object can then be associated to multiple workflows. Conveniently, any modification to the Alert Object will automatically update all of the associated workflows, simplifying maintenance for IT Operations. There are no limitations on the number of alerts a workflow can have.

Additionally, users can trigger workflows based on Alert conditions for seamless automated remediation. Workflows take different branches based on the condition raised. ActiveBatch also supports custom messages and subjects for Alerts using ActiveBatch Variables.

Reduce The Risk Of SLA Breaches With Powerful Monitoring Capabilities

In addition to specific IT-related events, ActiveBatch supports the Monitoring and Alerting of workflows with completion tied to SLAs or business policies. Users can set warning and critical thresholds (based on absolute and relative deadlines) and establish customized Alert notifications and automated remediation actions for an impending SLA breach.

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