ActiveBatch User Interfaces

ActiveBatch supports a range of interfaces, allowing organizations to customize their automation environment to their unique needs

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ActiveBatch Client (User) Access

ActiveBatch Console

Actionable Insights on Job Templates, Objects, and Properties with Customizable Template Reports

The ActiveBatch Console user interface (thick client) offers secure, high-performance access to all of ActiveBatch’s capabilities including the Integrated Jobs Library and Service Library that simplify the assembly of workflows using ActiveBatch’s drag-and-drop workflow designer, and more. ActiveBatch Console is included within ActiveBatch's core capabilities for usage-based deployment with no additional license fees.


ActiveBatch Web Console

High-Performance Thin Client for Accessing ActiveBatch from the Web

The ActiveBatch Web Console offers development and operational users full and secure access from their favorite browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera). With an enhanced user experience, users can create, edit, and manage ActiveBatch Objects, build end-to-end workflows, and access ActiveBatch’s powerful job scheduling capabilities from the web.

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ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal

Simplifying IT and Business Collaboration

ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal is a business-user friendly web interface designed to simplify the execution and monitoring of business processes that business partners would otherwise ask IT to perform. Business users and Help Desk teams can run their required business processes including data queries, file transfers, new hire onboarding, and more, while IT retains full control over the Jobs, permissions, and security.

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ActiveBatch Mobile Ops

Anywhere Access to Monitor and Address Key Operational Requirements

ActiveBatch Mobile Ops (iOS and Android) is an application that provides secure access to ActiveBatch beyond the office, so users can respond to issues wherever they are. ActiveBatch Mobile Ops features a customizable dashboard and contextual push notifications, as well as the ability to remotely trigger workflows, restart or disable failed Jobs, and more.

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Multi-Factor Authentication for User Interfaces

ActiveBatch supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) for the ActiveBatch Console, ActiveBatch Web Console, ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal, and ActiveBatch Mobile Ops, adding another layer of protection against unauthorized access. The multi-factor authentication functionality works with most common authenticator apps, including Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Duo, and more. 

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Programmatic Interfaces / APIs

Web Services API

ActiveBatch Web Services, supporting SOAP 1.1 - 1.2 and REST, provides developers a direct, industry standard approach for programmatically invoking ActiveBatch methods to more easily interact with other non-ActiveBatch programs and processes. ActiveBatch Web Services API is a core capability in ActiveBatch V11 and above and is included in the core license.

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PowerShell Module

ActiveBatch’s PowerShell Module uses Microsoft standard verbs and ActiveBatch specific nouns that support the triggering of ActiveBatch Jobs, getting scheduler information, retrieving log files, performing operations, creating Objects, and more. The PowerShell Module is included within ActiveBatch’s core capabilities and core license.

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COM Programmatic Interface

ActiveBatch is designed and built on a COM Model to provide system administrators and developers with programmatic access to all ActiveBatch Objects, Methods, and Properties. The COM API is included within ActiveBatch’s core capabilities and core license.


Linux | UNIX Command Line Interface - ABATCMD

ActiveBatch includes a Linux | UNIX Command Line Interface (CLI), ABATCMD, that supports single line command execution of ActiveBatch operations. The Linux | UNIX CLI is part of the ActiveBatch capabilities and is available as a separate download, included in the core license.

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