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ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal empowers Help Desk and Business teams to get answers without waiting for IT to execute their requests, making Business more productive and IT less busy

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Self-Service Portal Overview: Move Forward Faster

The pace of business is accelerating. Business and Help Desk teams need access to information and solutions faster than ever before. ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal empowers these business units to take on daily and ad hoc processes with a user-friendly, web-based interface for desktop or tablet browsers.

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Owned by IT, Used by Business

ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal for business and help desk users tile viewActiveBatch Self-Service Portal is a user-friendly, web-based application that allows Help Desk and Business Teams to take on daily and ad hoc processes while freeing up IT from repetitive requests. IT sets up the environment and empowers various business units to run and monitor specific Jobs and Plans based upon departmental or individual requirements.

Business users can more easily query data, share files, or generate a BI reports, and Help Desk teams can execute tasks like provisioning machines, rebooting systems, and resetting passwords, all without the day-to-day involvement of IT.

ActiveBatch Self-Service Benefits

  • ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal for business and help desk users list viewImproves end-user satisfaction and reduces time to insight with access to more timely data

  • Business teams can now research previous tasks and transactions without relying on IT

  • Provides IT with additional time to focus on mission-critical infrastructure and operational processes

  • IT retains full control of jobs, privileges, and security and can enable multi-factor authentication to protect against unauthorized access

  • Available on major web browsers as well as tablets and can be personalized with your company logo

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Reduce IT’s workload by enabling business users to trigger and monitor routine and ad hoc workflows, saving IT time and resources.

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“If it’s digital, ActiveBatch can do it.”

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