Business Process Automation and Workload Automation

Intelligent workload automation enables organizations to accommodate changing conditions, bringing value to the entire business.

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As businesses deal with more digital processes and greater volumes of data than ever before, the ability to quickly and cost-effectively adjust to changing demands has become an essential element of IT operations. IT departments are operating in increasingly complex environments that contain an array of heterogeneous applications, databases, and platforms. With this increase in data, processes, and platforms, workload automation solutions can deliver numerous advantages.

Business Process Automation (BPA) focuses on the mission-critical IT actions that are at the core of running the business. As the pace of business increases, automation can be leveraged to eliminate manual processes and the errors that go along with these manual handoffs. With BPA, businesses can do more with key applications including Informatica PowerCenterOracle PeopleSoftSAP BusinessObjects Data ServicesMicrosoft Dynamics AX,  and many more, without having to spend a lot of time and resources scripting to exchange information between upstream and downstream workflows.

Workload Automation provides IT the ability to automate an array of business processes such as data warehousing/ETL, business process management (BPM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence (BI), and more.

Benefits of Business Process Automation and Workload Automation:

  • Reduce errors that go along with manual handoffs
  • Provide transparency within departments and across the enterprise as a whole
  • Promote ERP, BPM, BI, and other critical business initiatives
  • Reduce latency times and improve Job success with a rich, event-driven architecture
  • Provide actionable insights that facilitate optimal workload completion
  • Allow businesses to more quickly adapt to changing needs and conditions

Rich Content Library of Automated Integrations

ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library offers hundreds of prebuilt integrations for commonly scripted actions so users can easily design and assemble end-to-end workflows and manage dependencies between disparate technologies and applications. ActiveBatch offers extensive support for many key business technologies with integrations for a series of third-party applications, databases, and platforms.  ActiveBatch Extensions allow organizations to customize their ActiveBatch implementation to meet their unique needs.
EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation 2019 ANALYST RESEARCH:

EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation Q4 2019

Is ActiveBatch on your radar for your IT Automation Requirements? Redefine IT Automation by taking an Architectural, Layered Approach. Workload Automation is one component of that approach, enabling organizations to visualize and execute end-to-end business and IT processes to keep up with the pace of digitalization and digital business requirements.

Full API Accessibility

ActiveBatch Service Library extends the power of the Integrated Jobs Library with API accessibility that allows users to load and execute WSDLs, SOAP Web Services, RESTful Services, stored procedures, .Net Assemblies, and command lines and turn them into reusable Job Steps. As a result, developers can integrate with virtually any technology or application that ActiveBatch doesn't already provide built-in support for, increasing productivity by getting the most out of every application.

Machine Learning-Powered Queue Allocation Optimizes Resources and Promoted Scalability

ActiveBatch provides users with built-in Heuristic Queue Allocation (HQA), a service within the Job Scheduler that evaluates historical data and environmental statistics to predict the optimal assignment of workflows to Queues (machine paths/resources). HQA intelligently distributes Job load across all available and acceptable Queues to minimize slack time, reduce idle machine resources, and promote scalability, especially in cloud and hybrid environments.

Making Business/Help Desk Users More Productive and IT Less Busy

ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal is a user-friendly, web-based application that allows Help Desk and Business teams to complete daily and ad hoc processes, freeing IT from repetitive requests. IT sets up the environment and manages security features including multi-factor authentication, empowering Business to run and monitor specific Jobs based upon departmental or individual requirements. Business users can easily query data, share files, generate BI reports, and more, and Help Desk teams can execute tasks like provisioning machines, rebooting systems, and resetting passwords, all without the day-to-day involvement of IT.

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