Sub-Zero Simplifies Its Automation Environment and Accelerates Troubleshooting

An ActiveBatch Workload Automation Success Story

Sub-Zero Group, a manufacturer of global premium appliance brands, was using a combination of siloed scheduling tools. This created an automation environment that was increasingly complex and difficult to manage:

  • Siloed point solutions prevented the IT team from triggering jobs across different environments and platforms, making processes complex and unwieldy;
  • Without a single automation solution to coordinate and monitor end-to-end processes across the enterprise, troubleshooting failed jobs was difficult and time-consuming, hampering IT’s response times and SLAs;
  • A lack of self-service automation forced IT to manually manage and monitor a growing number of routine, day-to-day business processes, stretching resources thin.

By The Numbers



ActiveBatch includes over 500 prebuilt Job Steps for end-to-end workflows that incorporate processes from disparate systems and applications.


With 100s of production-ready Job Steps, native integrations, and advanced scheduling tools, IT can build end-to-end workflows in half the time.

Sub-Zero Implements ActiveBatch

Sub-Zero required a workload automation solution that would enable the consolidation of point solutions and support self-service automation for business end-users. To meet these needs, Sub-Zero implemented many of ActiveBatch’s key features and capabilities, including:

  • Self-service capabilities provide business users with more control over the processes they rely on, giving IT more time to focus on long-term, high-value projects;
  • ActiveBatch’s out-of-the-box integration for Microsoft SQL Server allows IT to seamlessly perform database backups across every SQL server in the enterprise;
  • ActiveBatch’s Reference Functionality allows changes to a single template job to be passed to each reference job, incorporating those changes into thousands of jobs with a single click, saving IT time and keeping maintenance consistent across the environment.

In Their Own Words

“ActiveBatch is reliable and accessible… we can give anyone in the business the ability to trigger and monitor their own jobs. Giving this power to the business allows the IT department to focus more time on other business needs.”

“[ActiveBatch] saves us time when setting up the jobs and it saves us time when troubleshooting because we know exactly what the job is doing.”

“I really like having the ability to create one job, then using references and variables, I can use that same job to execute the same process on all our other SQL instances.”

“The biggest benefit for us is the alert function ActiveBatch provides. We are able to troubleshoot faster and remediate the issue by looking through the log files or using ActiveBatch’s reporting engine.”

How Sub-Zero Succeeded with ActiveBatch

Database maintenance has been simplified by using a single template job to pass identical updates to each of Sub-Zero’s SQL servers.

Business users are able to trigger, monitor, and troubleshoot critical processes without waiting for IT, reducing IT’s day-to-day workload.

The Integrated Jobs Library allows developers to create more reliable workflows in half the time by providing hundreds of prebuilt integrations for third-party solutions.

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