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ActiveBatch Architecture

Centralize your automation environment with ActiveBatch's scalable, flexible architecture.

ActiveBatch Architecture.


The Complexities of Today's Modern IT Environments
As business systems and applications become more diversified and data flows across system boundaries, IT professionals struggle to keep up with basic scheduling tools that are designed to serve a specific, closed solution – much like a TV viewer confronting a confusing array of remote controls. Modern workload automation solutions act as a “universal remote” for enterprise IT, tying disparate systems and technologies together to give administrators a single point of control for the entire enterprise. This helps increase IT agility by making it easier to create workflows and maintain existing processes, while also reducing cost of operations because Operations doesn’t have to maintain as many tools nor spend time trying to make disparate tools work together.

ActiveBatch provides a central point of control that automates and manages the integration of applications, databases, and technologies across the enterprise. Learn more about:


A Scalable Automation Architecture for Your Custom Environment
ActiveBatch is entirely client-server based and all aspects of ActiveBatch can be fully distributed, giving users a highly flexible, scalable solution. ActiveBatch consists of three major components: UI clients, Job Scheduler, Execution Agents. All of these components could reside on either a single machine or multiple machines, and each component can have multiple instances.

The ActiveBatch UI is the user-interface portion of the ActiveBatch system and provides the ability for users to command various aspects of the product. Two UI components are provided. The ABATAdmin program is a standard Windows GUI program that provides a Windows interface for working with ActiveBatch. The ABAT program is a command-line based user interface that allows access to the product in either an interactive or non-interactive fashion. All UI components communicate with one or more selected Job Scheduler(s).

Cross-Platform Job Scheduler
The ActiveBatch Job Scheduler is responsible for the maintenance and overall operation of the ActiveBatch system and its databases. The Job Scheduler manages several types of objects, including jobs and plans.

Execution Agent
Execution Agents are the component systems responsible for actually running the job. Once a job is ready to execute, the Job Scheduler communicates with a machine’s Execution Agent. The Execution Agent is the cross-platform component of the ActiveBatch system. ActiveBatch supports the following Execution Agents:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • UNIX
  • OpenVMS
  • AIX
  • NSK
  • OS X
  • z/OS

GUI/Programmatic Interfaces
ActiveBatch also supports the following GUI/Programmatic Interfaces:

ActiveBatch Overview
User Interfaces


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