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Mobile Ops Overview: Business as Usual

Troubleshoot, remotely trigger workflows when necessary, restart or disable failed Jobs, and more – without having to stop what you're doing to get to a computer. With ActiveBatch Mobile Ops, you can act on critical issues so they don't impact your business. Right from the palm of your hand.

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On-the-Go Access From Any Mobile Device

ActiveBatch Mobile Ops provides users secure access to their ActiveBatch environment, enabling them to monitor and manage workloads from their iPhone, Android, or other mobile device. Mobile Ops’ responsive, feature-rich design and simple navigation make it the ideal solution for 24/7 access and fast response times when SLAs are on the line.

Every organization has its own set of critical workflows that must execute successfully. However, sometimes a workflow does not run as planned. For this reason, ActiveBatch Mobile Ops provides users with the advanced capabilities and features they need to be able to respond quickly to issues as they happen, even if they’re out of the office.

The Features Users Need MostActiveBatch Mobile Ops provides secure, on-the-go, real-time information and alerts on critical workflows and processes.

ActiveBatch Mobile Ops was specifically designed for operators and administrators who need capable, on-the-go control. Mobile Ops provides a variety of features that allow users to monitor and quickly manage job schedulers, including:

  • A robust Instances View

  • Search-and-filter options

  • Property pages detailing object information

  • Content-aware alerting with push notifications

  • A selection mode to streamline object management

  • Plus more…

Insight and Awareness, Wherever Users Are

Users can thoroughly monitor job scheduler health with a customizable dashboard equipped with:

  • Multiple charts for both completed instances and active instances

  • Critical charts saved to homepage for quick, simple monitoring

  • Chart filters to adjust date and time ranges, instance states, and more

  • Log files, audits, variables, and template properties

  • And more…

Powerful Capabilities Troubleshoot, remotely trigger workflows when necessary, restart or disable failed Jobs, and more, without having to get to a computer.

Respond quickly to alerts before they turn into problems by using these features to take control of your job scheduler:

  • Connect to multiple job schedulers

  • Store favorites for quick access to important objects

  • Disable, enable, and trigger jobs

  • Manage workflows across Windows, Linux, UNIX, and OpenVMS systems

  • Restart jobs on different queues, override variables, or ignore completion triggers

  • Plus more…

Robust Security

A customizable dashboard, among other key features, alert you when something’s wrong, extending the reach of ActiveBatch beyond the office.ActiveBatch Mobile Ops provides users with secure, remote access from the convenience of their mobile devices. Administrators have full control over who can access job schedulers via Mobile Ops, while a suite of additional features protects information and systems:

  • HTTPS encryption of all data between mobile device and job scheduler

  • Biometric authentication

  • Support for multi-factor authentication

  • Fully qualified domain names, usernames, and passwords required for login

  • All ActiveBatch Console permissions carry over to Mobile Ops

  • User management is handled within the ActiveBatch Console

  • And more…


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ActiveBatch Mobile Ops is a native mobile app for iOS and Android that provides secure access to the ActiveBatch environment, enabling users to monitor critical workflows and perform key operations 24/7, whether on location or on-the-go.

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