Event Automation & Advanced Date/Time Scheduling

Reduce slack time and improve Job success rates with ActiveBatch's rich, event-driven architecture and advanced, customizable date/time scheduling options.

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Event Automation

Trigger Jobs to run based on external conditions with ActiveBatch’s rich, event-driven architecture. ActiveBatch supports a wide range of event types including email, file events, FTP file triggers, message queues, database modifications, tweets, and more. As a result, workflow processes can be initiated when a specific business or IT event occurs, reducing the chance of delays.

ActiveBatch supports over a dozen event triggers across many platform and application types, including:

  • Email (inclusive or exclusive words, subject line, sender, etc.)
  • File Events (creation, modification, deletion, appearance, etc.)
  • FTP Trigger
  • Completion Status of Predecessor Jobs and Plans (success, failure, or conditional)
  • System Startup
  • SNMP Trapping
  • JMS / JMX Events
  • Microsoft Message Queues (MSMQ)
  • Twitter
  • Web Services
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
  • HDFS
  • Oracle Database
  • SAP
  • ServiceNow
  • VMware
  • And more…

Trigger- and Constraint-Based Scheduling Options

ActiveBatch is a trigger-based automation system, but it also supports constraint-based scheduling (CBS), providing users with additional scheduling options, flexibility, and ease of use.

Case Study on ActiveBatch CASE STUDY:

Ignite Technologies uses Datacenter Automation to Manage the Cloud

Ignite Technologies moves from Windows Task Scheduler to ActiveBatch’s cross-platform solution achieving a 99.9% Job Success Rate for hundreds of thousands of jobs.
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Flexible Date/Time Scheduling and Business Day Scheduling

ActiveBatch incorporates the most granular date and time scheduling including calendars, fiscal year dates, time zones, custom tags, and more. ActiveBatch also supports scheduling workflows based on the Business Day, as defined by your organization.

Simplifying Business and IT Processes with Active Variables

ActiveBatch supports the use of Active Variables that can be used as an alternative approach to an event-based Job trigger. Active Variables represent dynamic data sources and can be used between Jobs to pass data throughout the business process. Some examples of Active Variables include:

  • Date Expression
  • File Contents
  • SQL Record Set
  • Web Service Request Result
  • WMI Query
  • XML Query
  • File System Information
"The ability to [use] many different techniques for triggering a Job …reduces the code base and allows for ease of maintenance."
- Owner- PM/Analyst/Developer, Services Industry

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