A definitive guide to choosing the right orchestration solution

According to Camunda, 93% of IT leaders see increased business growth due to process automation. Your organization could experience similar results — if you choose a platform that enables you to build and maintain automated end-to-end processes rather than siloed task automations.

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Why read this guide to workload automation?

Vetting software is, more often than not, an overwhelming endeavor.

We’ve simplified your process with this comprehensive overview of the best enterprise process orchestration tools, task schedulers and workflow automation tools on the market.

Use this guide to understand what each solution offers, narrow down your choices and accelerate your progress towards greater efficiency and productivity.

ActiveBatch ResourceA definitive guide to choosing the right orchestration solution  


What you’ll find inside:

  • Key statistics that support investing in automation now
  • Why workload automation is particularly transformational
  • An at-a-glance comparison of 12 workload automation tools
  • A review of the standout features, pros and cons of each platform
  • A handy checklist for choosing the best workload automation solution