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Orchestrate the Enterprise in Just a Few Clicks

Integrated Jobs Library

Drag-and-Drop to Orchestrate Anything

Connect, schedule, and orchestrate processes in minutes using Job Steps – prebuilt, platform-neutral functions and actions. Build end-to-end workflows across tech stacks, from a single point of control. With hundreds of integrations out-of-the-box, IT can automate and integrate just about anything, including:

  • Business processes: Microsoft apps suite, HR onboarding/offboarding platforms, and BI tools

  • Data center: Hadoop ecosystem, Microsoft SQL and Oracle Databases, Informatica and other ETL tools

  • Real-time infrastructure management: VMware, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure orchestration with other cloud platforms and cloud services.


Event-Driven Automation

Powerful Scheduling and Automation

Powerful scheduling and automation tools ensure highly reliable executions for cloud-based and on-premises workflows, without delays or bottlenecks.

  • Deploy email triggers, FTP file triggers, message queue triggers, and more

  • Use triggers to and from popular service management and ticketing systems like ServiceNow and Microsoft SCSM

  • Setup automated remediation and alerts for operational peace of mind

  • Leverage advanced date/time scheduling with custom business rules and fiscal calendars


Seamless DevOps for All Your Apps

Streamline your scheduling and orchestration tools into one solution designed to handle anything you throw at it.

  • Self-documenting Job Steps and script lifecycle management provide security and transparency for workflows

  • Built-in collaboration tools include Check-Out | Check-In, revision histories, complete audit trails, and more

  • ActiveBatch’s Change Management facility streamlines the promotion of objects between on-prem and cloud environments

  • Centralized logging, alerting, reporting, and monitoring of all resources within the orchestration platform simplifies operations


Simplify Your IT Complexity with ActiveBatch


Frequently Asked Questions

Orchestration in software refers to automated processes that configure, coordinate, integrate, and manage data, applications, and systems. The goal of orchestration is to streamline processes that support business goals while reducing manual tasks and increasing efficiency. IT orchestration, as well as cloud orchestration, can be achieved via an integration hub such as a workload automation platform or enterprise job scheduler that supports the development of end-to-end processes. Explore ActiveBatch’s orchestration capabilities.

Workflow orchestration tools enable users to integrate data and dependencies from disparate applications or systems into end-to-end workflows. Workflow orchestration tools often provide prebuilt integrations with major technologies plus low-code API accessibility. Drag-and-drop workflow designers are also common, allowing users to assemble cross-platform workflows to quickly meet business needs. Build workflows in half the time with ActiveBatch.

ActiveBatch is a workload automation and enterprise job platform that enables the automation of routine tasks and complex, cross-platform workflows. ActiveBatch allows users to manage data across on-prem and multi-cloud environments, supports file transfers between systems, and provides intelligent cloud management tools for provisioning resources. ActiveBatch supports date/time scheduling, event triggers, and job constraints. See what you can accomplish with ActiveBatch.

ActiveBatch provides out-of-the-box integrations with PowerShell, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Oracle Scheduler, and more, plus prebuilt, universal integrations for dozens of common workflow tasks. ActiveBatch provides additional integrations for AWS EC2, Azure, VMware, Informatica Cloud (and more) so IT teams can develop hybrid cloud computing processes. Plus, users can turn APIs into reusable jobs for resilient, cross-platform processes. Explore ActiveBatch’s integrations.

ActiveBatch provides a dynamic framework that enables users to load and execute APIs (WSDLs and SOAP Web Services, RESTful services, .NET assemblies, stored procedures, and command lines) without having to create custom scripts. Users can also turn those APIs into reusable tasks that can be easily dropped into resilient, end-to-end, business or IT processes. Explore ActiveBatch’s integration capabilities.

Be ready to automate anything.

Build and automate workflows in half the time without the need for scripting. Gain operational peace of mind with real-time insights, customizable alerting, and more.

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