Security, Authorization, and Access 

Defending networks by preventing unauthorized access to systems and data

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In today’s world where security hacks and cyber-attacks are a constant concern, protecting your network and data is a top priority. ActiveBatch helps organizations prevent unauthorized access to systems and data with its security-driven, enterprise wide automation.

Windows Security Model and Multi-Tenant Architecture

ActiveBatch fully supports the Windows Security Model, including Kerberos and Active Directory, allowing organizations to make use of their existing accounts and groups for simpler management and security of users and groups. ActiveBatch is an object-oriented system, so all User Accounts are objects. As a result, all Jobs or Plans associated with the User Account require just one change to the User Account Object rather than multiple changes to each Job or Plan.

ActiveBatch also supports LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), allowing a user to make use of a single, enterprise-wide directory and provide a single point of administration across a heterogeneous environment.

ActiveBatch’s multi-tenant architecture (virtual root) allows organizations to designate access and permissions based on organizational needs for a more secure and effective automation environment.

ActiveBatch Supported Authentication Types:

  • Username/Password

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • SAP Credentials

  • Keyfile/Passphrase

  • Twitter Authentication

Audit and Revision Capabilities

ActiveBatch’s comprehensive audit and policy framework drives improved governance throughout the organization by preventing and minimizing the impact of unauthorized changes to workflows. ActiveBatch provides a complete audit trail as well as revision history and changeset capabilities on each object to allow users to view all changes made within the ActiveBatch environment. As a result, users can more easily track object changes, troubleshoot issues faster and more reliably, and minimize the business impact caused by mistaken changes.

SSL and TLS Connections

ActiveBatch provides an additional layer of security by supporting both SSL and TLS secured connections. With the development of cloud computing and the need to execute jobs across distributed environments beyond the firewall, the ability to provide secure connections between the job scheduler and scheduling endpoints is critical.

CyberArk Application Access Manager (Formerly, Application Identity Manager)

ActiveBatch V12 provides an out-of-the-box integration with CyberArk's Application Access Manager, allowing ActiveBatch workflows to dynamically retrieve credentials from CyberArk at runtime before dispatching Jobs to Agents. This extends CyberArk's benefits to ActiveBatch, providing an additional layer of security and simplifying credential management.

What ActiveBatch Users are Saying

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