Virtual Root

Securely segment user and group access with ActiveBatch's multi-tenant architecture capabilities

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ActiveBatch's powerful Job Scheduler has the ability to be shared by departments or segmented by groups of users so they can privately access only their ActiveBatch objects (Jobs, Plans, Schedules, Calendars, User Accounts, Alerts, Resources, etc.). ActiveBatch users accessing the centralized Job Scheduler will not have access to anyone else’s objects that are deemed private.

ActiveBatch’s Object orientation allows one or more workflows and their associated objects to be categorized into a unified published scheduling share that can be isolated from other users, groups, or departments, or incorporated into other departments or structures depending on your organizational requirements.

Microsoft Security Model

ActiveBatch IT Automation fully supports the Microsoft Security Model, including Kerberos and Active Directory, so that each Job Scheduler implementation can be made either visible or transparent to other users or departments. Permissions can be set by users, groups, or other established units on a granular basis. 

Virtual Root

The Virtual Root functionality within ActiveBatch allows you to grant access to different parts of your environment to different users or groups, this prevents unauthorized users from accessing private or secure information. Using the Virtual Root to access ActiveBatch Objects, users can still leverage all of the capabilities that are integral to the ActiveBatch Job Scheduling system, while only accessing the information that is pertinent to them.

The ActiveBatch Virtual Root allows for the most effective, secure, and affordable solution for small and large organizations, ASP’s or incorporated into other enterprise applications that require robust automation.

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