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Why Batch Processing Is Still Critical to IT Operations

May 10, 2017

Advanced Systems Concepts has just launched ActiveBatch V11. It expands ActiveBatch's support of the Hadoop ecosystem and adds new featu ...Read More

Advanced Systems Concepts Seeks to Automate Real-Time Data Access

May 08, 2017

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI) released an update to its flagship platform that adds support for Hadoop ecosystem as well as workflo ...Read More

ASCI Automates Big Data Workflows

May 05, 2017

Moving massive amounts of data around the enterprise in support of Big Data projects is one of the most painstaking tasks an IT organization ...Read More

Slow growth ahead for IT spending, Gartner says

Apr 07, 2017

Global spending on tech will be more or less flat this year and not much better through 2020 Read More

Human error in IT: a growing but preventable issue

Apr 04, 2017

While many assume most IT issues that impact mission-critical services are the result of a catastrophic technology failure, they are often d ...Read More

Let's Talk About IT Automation

Apr 03, 2017

IT departments are often faced with similar challenges: stagnant budgets and a lack of qualified applicants. Unfortunately, despite the lack ...Read More

Automation in the Energy Industry

Mar 16, 2017

Automation should be the prologue to a discussion whenever a new process is introduced, not a postscript. This fundamental shift in thinking ...Read More

The Importance of an Architectural Approach to IT Automation

Mar 13, 2017

Organizations should take a wide view approach to automation strategies in order to get the most out of their systems.Read More

You Probably Should Have Majored in Computer Science

Mar 10, 2017

If you’re looking for a college major that gives you an incredible job outlook, we have two words for you: computer science.   ...Read More

Market Consolidation: Who Are the Winners and Losers?

Feb 13, 2017

What happens when you learn that a product you are using has been “bought out”?  There are certain questions that can be as ...Read More

Automation: Achieving Faster Rollouts with Better Accuracy

Jan 11, 2017

At the recent Symposium/ITxpo, Gartner shared a list of technologies and trends that will be important for organizations to embrace and prep ...Read More

ITProTV - Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. Interview @ Microsoft Ignite 2016

Oct 06, 2016

Don talks with James Manias from Advanced Systems Concepts at Microsoft Ignite 2016 to discuss what ActiveBatch brings to IT Automation.Read More

Trending on #bimodalIT and its ripple effects

Aug 09, 2016

Bimodal IT doesn't rely on just one coding construct, one IT operations tool or one platform. The shift to treating applications in enti ...Read More

Overcoming the Six Main Obstacles to Data Center Performance - Data Center Journal

Jun 13, 2016

​Data centers are the metropolises of the computing world. Like cities, they change over time—and much of what exists today is directl ...Read More

7 deadly career mistakes developers make - InfoWorld

May 16, 2016

Advanced Systems Concept's Director of Engineering, Mehul Amin, shares his thoughts with InfoWorld on how developers can achieve career ...Read More

Why IT Automation Is Key for the Internet of Things - RT Insights

May 11, 2016

Experts predict up to 30 billion autonomous devices will be connected via the Internet by 2020. ​If these well-considered predictions prove ...Read More

How IT Automation Can Save Universities Money in 2016 - HigherEd Tech Decisions

Apr 28, 2016

Many medium to large organizations today, including universities and institutions of higher education, have implemented a number of differen ...Read More

New tools allow enterprises to manage and coordinate virtually every aspect of IT - TechWorld

Apr 25, 2016

While workload automation tools have been around for years, the debut of intelligent automation is a major shift that allows enterprises to ...Read More

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