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ActiveBatch REST API AdapterTo create true, end-to-end automation, organizations need a workload automation and enterprise job scheduling solution that seamlessly integrates systems, technologies, and applications. The ActiveBatch Service Library allows users to load APIs and turn them into reusable Job Steps without coding. As a result, developers can integrate with virtually any technology or application for which ActiveBatch doesn't already provide built-in support or an extension. 

Full API Accessibility Extends the Power of the Integrated Jobs Library

ActiveBatch Service Library allows for the reuse of code, in its original implementation, to be part of the Integrated Jobs Library. This provides a simple yet powerful approach to augmenting the Jobs Library with your own methods. 

The Service Library supports various implementations of methods of APIs. These include:

  • SOAP Web Services

  • RESTful Services

  • .NET Assemblies

  • Stored Procedures or Functions

  • Command Line

  • And more…

Developers can incorporate the exposed methods as new, reusable Job Steps that can be used within any workflow. Values returned from these methods can be passed to downstream workflows and used as execution variables. These capabilities allow ActiveBatch to be a fully scalable automation solution with an open framework. 

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