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Bring Business and IT Together

To optimize your IT workforce and get the most out of all the business technologies you use, you’ll want to consider business process automation software. With an easy to comprehend user interface and intuitive dashboards, business process automation tools like ActiveBatch have several use cases to help you excel in business.

Integrated Jobs Library

Endless Drag-and-Drop Integrations

ActiveBatch is a no-code workflow automation tool that provides prebuilt connectors to today’s most used enterprise applications plus low-code API accessibility, enabling IT to build dynamic, end-to-end workflows that reduce repetitive IT tasks and accelerate digital transformation. Most common uses are:

  • Business automation: Microsoft apps suite, HR platforms, enterprise resource planning (ERP), business process management (BPM), and BI tools  

  • Legacy task automation: Windows Task Scheduler jobs, SCORCH (System Orchestration Center) workflows, SQL Server scheduling

  • Automated incident management: bi-directional integrations for industry leaders like ServiceNow and SCSM

  • Secure file transfers: MFT, SFTP, FTPS, with advanced file event triggers and parallel transfer capabilities

BPA Software or Business Process Automation Software is the best way to empower your team to get more done, eliminate redundancy and enhance repeatability within their business processes, and experience true digital transformation. With business process automation systems in your toolbox, you can streamline processes, optimize business operations, and eliminate human error from your manual processes, too. 

Advanced Scheduling Capabilities

Automating Business Processes On Time, Every Time

Minimize manual interventions with an array of event triggers for business and IT tasks, including email, file events, FTP file triggers, data modifications, and more. Reduce delays and unnecessary executions with constraint-based scheduling and granular date/time scheduling. With ActiveBatch, IT teams worry less about time-consuming processes and permissions, so they focus more on innovation. With fewer notifications, and automation applied to repetitive tasks, your IT team can benefit from true workflow management, and manage fewer tasks themselves. 

Self-Service Portal

Self-Service Automation Platform for Business Users

IT is being democratized. Whether it’s through robotic process automation (RPA) or low-code app development, business users are implementing more and more digital tools that increase IT complexity.

ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal allows business users to execute and monitor their own processes, accelerating time-to-insight for critical data and reports while keeping IT in control of process development, compliance, and governance. IT project management can now benefit from robotic process automation where bots become the connector to a variety of work apps, and help IT teams manage output, intelligently.


Smart Queue and Heuristic Queue Allocation

Intelligent Automation for Maximum Scalability

ActiveBatch provides out-of-the-box integrations with cloud vendors including Amazon, Microsoft, and VMware. Streamline the management of hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Users can leverage powerful tools such as ActiveBatch Smart Queue or leverage artificial intelligence with ActiveBatch's Heuristic Queue Allocation to dynamicallyprovision the right resources at the right time. By offering this level of resource management, ActiveBatch is contributing to the scalability of our customers’ organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtually any digital process in business can be automated. This includes automating document management, data entry, employee onboarding processes, content management, purchase orders, customer experience flows, integrating business apps, and more. BPA software reduces manual errors, helps to streamline processes, and increases efficiency so employees can focus on higher-level projects See what you can accomplish with ActiveBatch.

Business automation, better known as business process automation (BPA), refers to the automation of manual, repetitive tasks in order to increase efficiency and reduce manual errors. Business process automation solutions provide no-code or low-code workflow development, real-time monitoring and alerting, auto-remediation, script life cycle management tools, and much more. Automate business processes in half the time.

Business process management solutions enable users to evaluate and optimize business processes and to standardize business rules. Computing demands and tools have rapidly expanded, creating complex, high-volume environments that are impossible to manage without automation, causing many BPM solutions to evolve into low-code platforms that enable automation with drag-and-drop interfaces. See how you can manage business processes with ActiveBatch.

Yes. ActiveBatch has robust integrations with AWS EC2, Microsoft Azure, VMware, and more. Dynamically manage cloud resources to match workload processing demands, automate key tasks like the provisioning/de-provisioning of virtual machines, and manage instances, security tasks, reboots, and more. Streamline processes end-to-end across cloud-based and on-premises environments. Explore ActiveBatch’s integration capabilities.

ActiveBatch allows users to connect to any application with a REST API with its Super REST API adapter. This allows users to easily connect to any application, server or service without having to write custom scripts. Explore ActiveBatch’s full API accessibility.

Be ready to automate anything.

Build and automate workflows in half the time without the need for scripting. Gain operational peace of mind with real-time insights, customizable alerting, and more. Explore our pricing options and choose the best Business Process Automation Tool for your team.

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