Proactive Support For Every Stage Of Your ActiveBatch Engagement

Get comprehensive, in-house support and a full range of support resources designed to help resolve every issue

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At ActiveBatch, support is available whenever you need it. To ensure you’re always getting the answers you need, we’ve built a comprehensive support program. 

It starts with direct access to our in-house experts. We also have a multimedia library of resources to help you troubleshoot and build your ActiveBatch knowledge. 

It’s an approach that’s gotten us a 94% Customer Satisfaction rating - but we’re not stopping there. We’re continuing to make investments to better support our customers.

Our Team Of Experts Is Ready To Help

When you enter a support ticket, you’re getting access to our full technical support team. We evaluate your issue and assign it to the technical support resource best equipped to help you. Our in-house experts will work with you to troubleshoot and resolve your issue. Our support team has direct access to the Product Engineering team, so we can continuously share customer feedback and requests for product enhancements.

Accessing ActiveBatch support is easy. Just enter a support ticket via email or My ASCI, our online support portal. You can also call between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET Monday-Friday. After-hours support is available for critical business issues.

The Resources You Need For Troubleshooting & Knowledge Building

In addition to our technical support team, we also have a comprehensive range of support resources. Our Knowledgebase gives you hundreds of support articles along with concise, how-to videos to help you diagnose and resolve support issues.

We also offer our ActiveBatch Academy to all our customers as part of their plan. In it, you’ll find more than 300 courses and modules. Learn more about a specific topic or complete one of our certifications to demonstrate your product knowledge.

Ready to see how ActiveBatch can simplify your workload automation?

Our experts will run an actual workflow in ActiveBatch so you see how it simplifies your automation environment. Get your questions answered as you see how easy it is to build and maintain your jobs in ActiveBatch.

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