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Integrated Jobs Library

Build and automate reliable end-to-end workflows in half the time. 

ServiceNow Job Steps added to the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library

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The Status Quo
While the need for automation is generally understood, in most IT organizations automation consists of highly-skilled developers who spend much of their time on the writing and maintenance of custom scripts. This approach hinders agile development, leaves little time for innovation, and makes the organization vulnerable in a time where changing business conditions is the norm.

Largest Library of Automated Integrations
ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library is a rich content library consisting of hundreds of production-ready Job Steps – out-of-the-box building blocks for commonly-scripted actions and functions –  ready for assembly into workflows. This reduces the amount of time and effort developers would otherwise spend on research, designing, coding, and testing custom scripts. The Integrated Jobs Library contains proven integrations for a wide range of applications, databases, platforms, and more, facilitating the passing of data and management of dependencies between disparate technologies. Organizations can now more easily accommodate key business and IT processes within a common framework, enabling true end-to-end automation for the entire IT environment.

Additionally, the Job Steps are designed, tested, and maintained by ActiveBatch Engineers, ensuring the reliability and consistency of the integrations. The developer can focus on the functions of the integrations rather than the logic behind them. Consequently, workflow development is simplified and innovation is fostered within the IT organization and, by extension, the broader enterprise.

Customer Success Story: Learn how Lamar Advertising minimized the time & resources previously spent on scripting with the ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library. Read the Case Study


Content Library Integrations

Content Library Extensions

ActiveBatch Service Library
ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library is augmented by ActiveBatch Service Library, a dynamic framework that extends ActiveBatch’s integration capabilities with additional actions from other applications. The Service Library enables users to load and execute APIs (WSDLs and Soap Web Services, RESTful services, .Net assemblies, stored procedures, and command lines) without the need for custom coding and turn them into reusable Job Steps within the Integrated Jobs Library. Learn More

Existing Script Libraries
The function of an IT Automation solution is to simplify and enhance coding, not replace it. Most organizations have a significant investment in scripts that were written for specific products, applications, or services. ActiveBatch helps organizations protect their existing scripts with script vaulting and lifecycle management capabilities (like auditing and versioning) and provides a central library for all scripts. ActiveBatch is a script-language independent solution with support for all scripting languages.

ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library Simplifies Complex Workflows.

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