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Unified Workload Automation

Your IT environment is complicated. Your tools and technologies don't work together. And you're tired of writing complex scripts. There's a better way.

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Designed for IT and Business Success

Low-Code Orchestration

Easily coordinate processes across the enterprise with no-code Job Steps and low-code API accessibility.

Scalable Architecture and Licensing

Quickly respond to any business challenge with flexible licensing and customizable add-ons.

End-to-End IT Operations Monitoring

Know what's happening across environments with real-time visibility into all instances, jobs, and processes.

ActiveBatch Simulated

ActiveBatch is able to "manage a diverse IT landscape...within a single unified console designed for operational efficiency."
—Dan Twing, COO, Enterprise Management Associates

Compliance and Security

Streamline Compliance and Security

Simplify governance with auditing, documentation, and access management tools, and standardize policies and security across multiple environments.

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Integrate with the World’s Leading Technologies

Automate, monitor, and manage processes across your tech stack with dozens of reliable, prebuilt integrations with ActiveBatch’s industry-leading partners.

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Technology Integrations
Migrate with ActiveBatch

Risk-Free, Automated Migrations and In-House Expert Support

Simplify your implementation with automated migration tools, role-based online training, and an in-house support team with a 98.08% Customer Satisfaction Rating.

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What ActiveBatch Users Are Saying

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“We’ve seen a dramatic reduction in system delays and callouts, and when there is an issue, ActiveBatch’s monitoring and alerting is much more robust than what the custom scheduler provided.”

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Children's Hospital & Medical Center

“While most of our packages run on Windows, UNIX and Linux are used a lot. We realized ActiveBatch would integrate with all these platforms, allowing us to handle all our workflows —including non-BI-related tasks— through one source.”

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Sub Zero Wolf

“ActiveBatch is reliable and accessible… we can give anyone in the business the ability to trigger and monitor their own jobs. Giving this power to the business allows the IT department to focus more time on other business needs.”

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Xcel Energy

“ActiveBatch provides the flexibility and level of control that we require to automate Informatica PowerCenter, in addition to the other application processes that PowerCenter is dependent on, all from a single point of control… no scripting required.”

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Patnership Healthplan of California

“It’s not possible for one person to manage and monitor nearly 500 jobs in a single night. Without ActiveBatch, we’d have to hire another two or three people, which saves us approximately $200,000 a year.”

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Workload Automation Should Be Easy. And Now It Is.

Build and automate workflows in half the time without the need for scripting. Integrate any tool or technology in minutes. Gain operational peace of mind with real-time insights, customizable alerting, and automated remediation.

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