Centralized Workload Automation & Job Scheduling

Orchestrate your entire tech stack with our no-code connectors and low-code REST API adapter

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Extensions and integrations

ActiveBatch Connects to Any Tool You Add to Your Environment

Build end-to-end workflows spanning your entire IT environment with ActiveBatch’s comprehensive library of integrations and extensions.

Future-proof your automation with our flexible, extensible REST API adapter. Know that you can connect to any tool in your stack now — and those you add in your five-year plan.

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ActiveBatch Future-Proofs Workload Automation

Infinite Extensibility

Infinite Extensibility

ActiveBatch connects to any server, any application, any service - giving you limitless endpoints.

Low Code

Low Code Drag-and-Drop GUI

Easily build reliable, customizable end-to-end processes 50% faster with ActiveBatch’s hundreds of drag-and-drop actions and robust Job Step library.

Unparalleled Reliability

Unparalleled Reliability

Our proactive support, in-app knowledgebase and vision for a self-healing platform make ActiveBatch the most stable platform on the market.

How ActiveBatch Works

Bring Everything Together Under A Single Pane of Glass

ActiveBatch provides a central automation hub for scheduling and monitoring so that business-critical systems, like CRM, ERP, Big Data, BI, ETL tools, work order management, project management, and consulting systems, work together seamlessly with minimal human intervention.

ActiveBatch Architecture Diagram
User Interfaces

User Interfaces

Access ActiveBatch from any device with flexible interfaces that give you powerful out-of-the-box functionality and the ability to customize.

ActiveBatch Job Scheduler

ActiveBatch Job Scheduler

The job scheduler is the brain of workload automation architecture, allowing you to build and orchestrate cross-functional workflows. It handles load balancing, scheduling, dependency checking, reporting and notifications.

Execution Endpoints

Execution Endpoints

Connect ActiveBatch to any server, application or service to orchestrate workflows that run jobs on endpoints across your entire stack.

Create Seamless End-To-End Workload Automation

ActiveBatch elevates your IT automation strategy by centralizing your processes into one solution — allowing you to manage everything in a single platform.

Independently Recognized As An Industry Leader

"ActiveBatch is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install product with a rich jobs library at a competitive total cost of ownership."

"ActiveBatch is a great choice to manage a diverse IT landscape... within a single unified console designed for operational efficiency."

G2 named ActiveBatch a Leader in Workload Automation for Winter 2024.

ActiveBatch EMA Most Automated Workload Management Badge ITCS Leader

Use Cases

Mature, Feature-Rich Platform

Low-Code GUI

Focus on the function, rather than the coding of workflows using hundreds of production-ready Job Steps and an intuitive graphical development environment.

Job Step Library

A rich content library consisting of hundreds of production-ready Job Steps – out-of-the-box building blocks for commonly scripted actions and functions – ready for assembly into IT and business workflows.

Event and Schedule Driven Triggers

Reduce slack time and improve job success rates with ActiveBatch's rich, event-driven architecture and advanced, customizable date/time scheduling options.

Dynamic Resource Allocation

Get seamless machine scalability with machine learning models that analyze historical instance data and predict optimal systems and virtual machine allocation.

Change Management Tools

Ensure a highly reliable approach to managing objects across different scheduling environments. Included in the core license, these tools give you the ability to easily move workflows between Dev and Production.

High Availability Non-Cluster Failover

Experience reliable high availability in the event of a potential outage or failure. Jobs and plans are redirected to standby systems so they are completed on or near schedule.

Workflow Optimizer

Immediately highlight every workflow’s critical path with a push of a button, allowing you to speed up run times by running non-dependent steps concurrently.

Role-Specific Views

Role-specific views let every department focus on the metrics that matter most. The Operations view shows job progress and status. Map View makes it easy for developers to build and optimize workflows.

Self-Service Portals

Democratize automation within IT and for your user community with self-service portals.


ActiveBatch supports the Windows Security Model, including Kerberos and Active Directory, allowing organizations to manage access with their existing accounts and groups.

Auditing & Compliance

Implement policy-driven governance throughout with capabilities such as revision history, policy authorizations, auditing, and advanced SLA management.

Reporting & Monitoring

ActiveBatch gives you the critical data you need to monitor and optimize your IT and business operations. Stay ahead of issues using proactive monitoring and alerting, delivered in a variety of channels.

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Customer Success Model

White Glove Onboarding

Your success starts with onboarding. We work side-by-side with you, actively guiding you through the installation and configuration process. We also go through training with your team so they can build what you need for your unique business requirements.

Optimize Performance With Health Checks

We want to ensure you’re getting the most from your investment. Our Customer Success team conducts periodic health checks to assess the maturity of your ActiveBatch configuration across four key success factors. You’ll get specific recommendations to improve efficiency and reliability.

Comprehensive, In-House Support

At ActiveBatch, support is available whenever you need it. You get direct access to our in-house experts and a Knowledgebase of hundreds of support articles and tactical, how-to videos. Continue building your expertise through Redwood University, with more than 300 courses and modules.

ActiveBatch Proactive Support Model
ActiveBatch Automation Expert

Ready to see how ActiveBatch can simplify your workload automation?

Our experts will run your actual jobs in ActiveBatch so you see how it simplifies your automation environment. Get your questions answered as you see how easy it is to build and maintain your jobs in ActiveBatch.

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