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Revision History & Changesets

ActiveBatch Revision History, Restore, & Changeset capabilities afford IT organizations a high degree of maintainability, manageability, and control.

In today’s world of internal and external regulations, IT organizations need to ensure that unauthorized changes aren’t made to production jobs and that any changes that are made are tracked and audited appropriately. ActiveBatch Revision History and Changeset capabilities provide users with a comprehensive view of any changes made to any Job, workflow, or other ActiveBatch Object. Additionally, in the event a change has resulted in a failure or production outage, ActiveBatch has powerful built-in rollback and restore capabilities to help get organizations back up and running faster. IT organizations, therefore, are afforded a high degree of maintainability, manageability, and control.

Revision History & Restore
Revision History allows you to compare versions of any ActiveBatch Object (including Jobs, Plans, User Accounts, Schedules, and more). Revision Restore allows you to select and revert to a previous revision of an Object in the event you encounter a problem, while still maintaining a detailed audit trail of all changes made to that Object.

Changesets allow users to associate and identify multiple Object changes as part of a single Check-In and, when necessary, rollback multiple changes at one time. Built in audit trails show what changes were deployed, when, and by whom. Additionally, users can add comments to document the purpose of a particular changeset.

Changesets & Change Management
Changesets within Change Management give users the ability to identify, rollback, restore, and audit groups of changes made within ActiveBatch Change Management. This means that changes pushed into production that need to be rolled back can be done so quickly, easily, and reliably.

ActiveBatch Customer Success Story BlueBay Asset Management

BlueBay Asset Management IT Automation Success Story: BlueBay Asset Management Mitigates Risk & Improves Reliability with ActiveBatch Revision History and Restore Functionality

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