Check-Out | Check-In Collaboration with ActiveBatch

Check-Out | Check-In helps teams achieve agile and collaborative workflow development

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Check-Out | Check-In with Object Collaboration

Check-Out | Check-In functionality is designed to help improve IT agility by providing a collaborative, team-based approach to workflow development and automation management. Using Check-Out | Check-In, multiple developers can simultaneously check-out the same object or objects, allowing for faster workflow creation and maintenance.

Built-In Conflict Resolution 

Check-Out | Check-In also supports exclusive access, allowing only one developer to exclusively check-out an object and preventing other developers from modifying the same object simultaneously.

When developers are finished with their modifications and check-in the object(s), ActiveBatch’s Conflict Resolution tool allows workflow editors to address any conflicting changes before saving the modifications, eliminating the risk of users’ work being overwritten or conflicts going unnoticed. 

Improved Orchestration with Test Pending Changes

Check-Out | Check-In can be used in production and development environments alike, so users can test their pending changes, while still allowing for the scheduled execution of instances using the original, unmodified job. This simplifies the workflow development process, providing improved orchestration among developers for faster workflow creation in a more controlled, reliable production environment.


Changesets allow users to associate and identify multiple object changes as part of a single check-in and, when necessary, rollback multiple changes at one time. Built-in audit trails to show what changes were deployed, when, and by whom, as well as the ability to add comments to document the purpose of a particular changeset provide users with a high degree of maintainability, manageability, and control.

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