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There is intense pressure to innovate faster than the competition. Coupled with the difficulty of finding and retaining IT staff with the right skill sets, leading digital transformation takes a secondary role to putting out fires and surviving. 

Organizations can adapt to the changes, or risk being left behind. Automation can help; although, while most organizations have some automated processes in place, most have multiple automation tools among collections of scripts, and few have a true automation strategy.

The biggest obstacle to the adoption and effectiveness of automation is the lack of a holistic approach.

IT organizations in today’s world must be increasingly agile and better able to adapt and respond to new situations.

Despite this, businesses are struggling to achieve agility because, according to Gartner research, most have between 3 and 8 automation tools in place. Managing all these different tools is complicated and time-consuming, and the results are higher costs, lower efficiency, and decreased IT agility. 

Compounding this is a growing IT skills gap fueled by the rapid rate of changing technologies and low unemployment. Finding qualified, experienced IT staff with skills that align with continually evolving requirements has become increasingly difficult.

How can organizations increase IT agility when there are more systems and applications to manage, fewer available IT professionals, and incommensurate budgets?

An Architectural Strategy and the Right Workload Automation Solution

ActiveBatch Workload Automation helps organizations reduce the cost of change and drive IT agility by allowing them to take an Architectural, Layered Approach to automation. ActiveBatch is an all-in-one workload automation and enterprise job scheduling solution with comprehensive out-of-the-box (OOTB) capabilities to meet automation needs.

Layers of Automation 

ActiveBatch takes a layered approach to IT automation, from job scheduling, to runbook automation, to IT process automation (ITPA), to big data, to managed file transfers, and more. In a recent Total Economic Impact Analysis of ActiveBatch, the analyst firm, Forrester, found that ActiveBatch saved at least two full-time employee resources by automating workloads that were previously done manually.

With ActiveBatch Workload Automation You Can:

What ActiveBatch Users are Saying

“If it’s digital, ActiveBatch can do it.”

—System Administrator, First Rate

Be ready to automate anything.

Build and automate workflows in half the time without the need for scripting. Gain operational peace of mind with real-time insights, customizable alerting, and more.

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