Improve IT Agility and Reduce the Cost of Change

ActiveBatch is an all-in-one automation solution designed for changing IT and business needs.

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The #1 Cost Impacting IT is the Cost of Change
Now more than ever, IT organizations must be increasingly agile and better able to adapt and respond to new situations.

Despite this, businesses are struggling to achieve agility because most have between 3 and 8 automation tools in place according to Gartner. Managing all these different tools is complicated and expensive. The results are higher costs, lower efficiency, and decreased IT agility. 

Compounding this is little to no IT budget growth and the expanding IT Resources Gap. As computing resources have gone from expensive and scarce to highly available and affordable, IT staffing levels have not kept up. In a recent Gartner survey of IT leaders, 66% of leaders reported IT talent acquisition is reaching crisis proportions.

So how can you possibly increase IT agility when you've got more systems and applications than ever to manage, fewer IT people, and relatively static budgets?

The Answer is Automation
ActiveBatch helps organizations reduce the cost of change and drive IT agility with an architectural approach to automation that is designed for change. ActiveBatch offers an all-in-one automation solution with comprehensive out-of-the-box (OOTB) capabilities to meet all of your automation needs, from job scheduling, runbook automation, IT process automation, and more.  In a recent Total Economic Analysis of ActiveBatch, Forrester found that ActiveBatch customer Statkraft saved at least two full-time employee resources by automating workloads that were previously done manually.With ActiveBatch Enterprise IT Automation You Can:


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