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Turbocharge Your Multi-Cloud Operations with Workload Automation

Cloud and virtual resources are already critical to day-to-day operations and cloud adoption continues to rise. Managing these systems can be time-consuming and expensive. For example, it’s common for cloud and virtual systems to continue to run long after they’re needed, driving up costs. Other jobs can take up resources even when those resources aren’t capable of completing those jobs successfully, causing workload bottlenecks that impact business.

With ActiveBatch, users can integrate and automate workloads across multiple platforms from a single point of control.

Microsoft Azure Automation

ActiveBatch can assist with Azure orchestration in three key ways:

  • Execute workloads across Azure systems and dynamically scale machine resources to meet current demands and minimize machine spend

  • Automatically provision and de-provision Azure resources based on events like ServiceNow or SCSM ticket creation, self-service requests, or other criteria

  • Install ActiveBatch on Azure systems for highly reliable scheduling and orchestration of end-to-end workflows

Intelligent Automation for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Orchestration

Cloud Platform/Virtual Machine Provider Integrations

ActiveBatch offers tools and features to help IT teams easily and reliably manage workloads and resources across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Cloud service providers supported by ActiveBatch include:

Plus, the ActiveBatch Service Library allows users to connect  to API endpoints in minutes, allowing for no-code tie-ins with providers like Google Cloud, Rackspace, or other SaaS/PaaS cloud management platforms.

Smart Queue Dynamically Scales Virtual and Cloud Resources

ActiveBatch offers flexible, scalable tools that help IT monitor and manage virtual machines and private- and public-cloud resources. For example, Smart Queue dynamically scales machine resources up or down based on real-time demands and historical analyses. By enabling Smart Queue, IT teams can optimize their virtual and cloud environments while minimizing cloud costs. Smart Queue's emphasis on cost management ensures IT maximizes its ROI on its cloud infrastructure.

Machine Learning Powers Heuristic Queue Allocation for Resource Optimization

ActiveBatch Heuristic Queue Allocation (HQA) allows for seamless machine scalability by bringing the power of machine learning to workload automation. HQA analyzes historical instance data and predicts the optimal allocation of systems across on-prem, private-cloud, and public-cloud resources. By optimizing how jobs are placed in a hybrid IT environment, HQA improves job performance and can sharply reduce slack time. This maximizes resource usage while minimizing the costs associated with cloud computing.

Eliminate Job Placement Guesswork

As IT environments scale, it becomes ineffective and time-consuming for IT to manually search for machines capable of completing certain jobs. With ActiveBatch Dynamic Queue Characteristics, users can instruct ActiveBatch to evaluate multiple machines before jobs are sent to run. Machines can be evaluated at run time for characteristics like available disk space, registry values, plugins, or the presence of an active service. For example, a workload may require a Linux operating system or a Python installation to execute the payload. No matter how many servers an IT team is managing, ActiveBatch will quickly and reliably submit each job to an optimal machine depending on its needs.

Improved Insight for Improved DevOps

ActiveBatch does more than offer IT orchestration and provisioning for hybrid cloud environments. ActiveBatch improves DevOps with hundreds of no-code integrations with data center management tools, BI and ERP tools, open source tools, code-based schedulers like Puppet and Chef alternatives, and more. With ActiveBatch, developers have a single location to build and automate all enterprise applications, cloud deployments, other infrastructure (Ansible, Docker/Kubernetes containers, etc.) and IT services. At the same time, operators have better control over IT ops with a single pane of glass for day-to-day IT operations.

Plus, dozens of real-time views minimize time-to-insight and reveal problems faster. IT admins and decision makers can rest easy, knowing their cloud strategy and multi-cloud environments are scaling smoothly, and their business end users stay online.

Self-Service Portals Empower End Users to Take On the Cloud

The ActiveBatch Self-Service Portal keeps IT in control of configuration management and job payloads, while empowering business users with safe, direct access to cloud solutions. Here's how:

  • IT builds low-code workflows that connect to one or more cloud providers

  • IT provides business users with self-service access to provision machines to provided specs

  • Business users trigger workflows as needed, without relying on the enterprise IT team

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud orchestration tools enable users to coordinate data and processes between disparate cloud platforms, or between cloud platforms and on-prem data centers. Cloud orchestration tools often apply machine learning to optimize provisioning/deprovisioning of cloud-based resources. Explore ActiveBatch’s cloud management capabilities.

Orchestration tools are designed to integrate data and processes from disparate applications and systems. Orchestration tools can provide prebuilt integrations with common platforms, or offer low-code API accessibility. Drag-and-drop workflow designers can then be used to assemble cross-platform workflows. See how you can Build workflows in half the time with ActiveBatch.

ActiveBatch is a workload automation platform that enables the automation of complex, cross-platform workflows. Users can manage data across on-prem, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments, automate file transfers and data management processes, and provision resources using machine learning. Explore what you can accomplish with ActiveBatch.

ActiveBatch provides out-of-the-box integrations with PowerShell, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Oracle Scheduler, and more, and includes universal integrations for dozens of common workflow tasks. Users can also access integrations for AWS EC2, Azure, VMware, Informatica Cloud (and more) in order to develop hybrid cloud computing processes. Explore ActiveBatch’s integrations.

ActiveBatch users can quickly load and execute APIs (WSDLs and SOAP Web Services, RESTful services, .NET assemblies, stored procedures, and command lines) without the need for custom scripts. APIs can be turned into reusable tasks for users to drag-and-drop into resilient, end-to-end processes. Explore ActiveBatch’s integration capabilities.

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