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Enhance multi-cloud efficiency with  workload automation

In cloud computing, Microsoft Azure stands out as a leading platform offering vast business potential. However, managing Azure resources can be challenging and costly. Over-provisioned or underutilized resources can lead to unnecessary expenses, while bottlenecks in workload execution can negatively impact business performance.

The ideal complement to Azure is a robust solution that enables seamless workload automation across the Azure landscape and with other essential tools.

The transition to advanced job orchestration

A job scheduler or job orchestration solution is crucial for optimizing Azure operations. These solutions automate data source and workflow management to reduce manual intervention. Job orchestration tools streamline data ingestion, processing and distribution across various Azure services, such as Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake and Azure Data Warehouse.

Modern job orchestration solutions support hybrid and multi-cloud environments, including integrations with AWS, to help you build an efficient IT infrastructure.

ActiveBatch: A powerful Azure orchestration companion 

ActiveBatch, the easiest-to-use workload automation platform, integrates beautifully with Azure to keep your IT infrastructure adaptable and scalable.

With ActiveBatch, you can significantly improve your workload execution across Azure systems to minimize costs. The platform excels in automating resource management by automatically provisioning and de-provisioning Azure resources based on events like ServiceNow or SCSM ticket creation, self-service requests or other criteria. Thus, you only utilize resources when necessary.

Installing ActiveBatch on Azure systems results in highly reliable scheduling and orchestration of end-to-end workflows.

Why choose ActiveBatch?

You won’t find an Azure-compatible job scheduler with broader functionality than ActiveBatch. Its pre-built job steps offer a direct route to low-code workflow creation and facilitate the automation of security tasks, synchronizing and terminating instances and much more.

Ease of use

ActiveBatch makes workload automation accessible to business users through its Job Steps Library and Self-Service Portal. With a drag-and-drop interface and safe portal, end-to-end automation and data exchange are simple to achieve and monitor. Your IT team stays in control, and business users across your organization get direct access to cloud solutions via custom-triggered workflows.


The ActiveBatch Service Library facilitates quick connections to API endpoints, enabling no-code integrations with providers such as Google Cloud, VMware and other SaaS/PaaS platforms.

ActiveBatch offers hundreds of no-code integrations. Run critical business processes across your ERP, BI tools, data management solutions, open-source tools, code-based schedulers and more. Developers can build and automate all enterprise applications, cloud deployments, infrastructure and IT services from a single pane of glass. 

One of the most popular ActiveBatch features is its Super Rest API Adapter, which allows developers to quickly and easily build API integrations without custom scripting.


Detailed logging and real-time notifications ensure that your IT admins and decision-makers can monitor and manage cloud strategy and multi-cloud environments efficiently, keeping IT operations running smoothly.



Unique ActiveBatch features

ActiveBatch stands out in the world of cloud-compatible job schedulers. Several features are especially pertinent to those managing cloud and hybrid environments.

Smart Queue for scaling machine resources

The Smart Queue scales your machine resources up or down depending on real-time demands and historical analyses. Not only does it optimize your virtual and cloud environments, but it maximizes the ROI of your cloud solutions.

Dynamic Queue Characteristics for quickly evaluating machines

Dynamic Queue Characteristics gives ActiveBatch users the power to have the platform evaluate multiple machines at run time for upcoming jobs. ActiveBatch will check for factors like available disk space, registry values, plugins or the presence of an active service such as a Python installation. Regardless of how many servers you manage, ActiveBatch can optimally assign jobs to machines.

Heuristic Queue Allocation for cost optimization in a hybrid environment

Machine learning brings extra scalability to workload automation. ActiveBatch’s Heuristic Queue Allocation (HQA) analyzes historical instance data and predicts the best way to allocate systems across all your resources. This significantly reduces slack time and, therefore, costs.

Invest in reliable job orchestration for your Azure ecosystem 

Automating your Azure resource provisioning and management is sure to reduce your operational costs. Since a platform like ActiveBatch supports advanced authentication mechanisms and integrates with the Azure portal, it also offers a secure and unified IT orchestration experience. 

Rather than paying for an Azure subscription plus the ongoing cost of multiple management tools, you can rely on a single, scalable solution to enhance DevOps practices and benefit your entire development and operations lifecycle.

ActiveBatch drives greater efficiency for any job you need to perform in a multi-cloud environment. Book a demo to discover more.

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